sWheat Scoop Litter

As an owner of several cats, I’m very well aware of the scents associated with these critters. The kitty box is the prime area where unpleasant odors waft freely, so I need a reliable litter. There are many litters on the market, but most of them contain harmful ingredients like sodium bentonite clay, silica gels, and aflatoxins.

The ingestion of sodium bentonite clay can lead to the accumulation of insoluble masses that cause dehydration, kidney problems, bowel blockages and even death. Silica is a known carcinogen to both humans and animals. I’m perplexed why anyone with a conscious would create a product that is detrimental to anyone’s life! Thankfully there are safe products on the market like sWheat Scoop.

sWheat Scoop was been cranking out earth-friendly litter since 1994. It’s safer for cats, people, and the planet and is made from 100% wheat. That means no silica dust, no bentonite clay, no chemicals and no flowery toxic fragrances… just wheat.

I’ve used various litters over the years, some good, some okay, some bad. Most of them just did not live up to their puffed up claims, so my cats and I weren’t impressed with the majority of them. Cats are creatures of habit and don’t really dig change. Switching litters can cause some cats to develop a motley of bad behaviors – been there. Their reaction is unpredictable; you just hope your cats will accept the new litter.

sWheat Scoop professes their litter will absorb odor and moisture quickly and continually. Bottom line, does it work. Yes, it does! With four cats, I usually have to change the litter every week or the essence of a cat will permeate my home. Using a 25 lb bag of sWheat Scoop allowed me an extra week of use, so now I only have to change the litter every two weeks. This is time and cost effective.

The litter clumps nicely and scoops easily. Personally, I found that it takes time to clump, waiting about an hour or so after use produces better results. It says it’s flushable, but I prefer to discard the waste. It is a cleaner litter with little dust and it doesn’t stick to paws, so very little tracking. Importantly, my cats like it. I usually add a new litter in portions so the cats can get used to the smell, texture and feel. They adjusted very quickly and no bad behavior was exhibited or disapproval expressed. The cats and I are happy with is product and will continue to use it.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ. for purchase.