SwimWays Spring Float

This summer we’ve had some pretty sweltering days with the heat reaching 34+ Celsius (94 degrees) and more. This dead and sometimes muggy heat really zap your energy, but finding a cool escape is easy. The first place that comes to mind is the pool or if you lucky enough, a lake. Splashing in the water is refreshing and a fabulous reprieve from the heat.

A great way to chill lake or poolside is with some awesome floats and I recently got an uber cool one from SwimWays. The Spring Float is the ideal way to relax and mellow out while floating on the calm water.

spring float

The Spring Float comes coiled and compressed in a mesh carry tote. You simply unzip, pull out the float and it will snap right into shape. Inflation and deflation are super easy with their Jet Value technology, it means no air pump is required. You have to blow it up yourself which is done is a relatively short time. You also have to be very quick to put the cap on or it will release the air quite fast.

spring float disassembleThe mesh fabric really is quite soft and comfortable and you’ll soon find yourself drifting off totally relaxed. It’s fairly big, measuring 66″ x 40″ and has the weight capacity of 250 lbs. When you climb aboard this float you will be mostly in the water, it kind of cradles you like a hammock. The heavier the person, the deeper you will be in the water. It’s a fun and safe product for the whole family and perfect for indoor or outdoor water use.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.