SwiPets Pet Hair Removal Gloves

If you have pets, then you know it means constantly dealing with pet hair. It gets everywhere, so habitual cleaning is a must. Some of the hair can be vacuumed up or washed off, reflective on the surface. Rugs and carpets are easy to remove hair from, but there are other products that require much more effort.

SwiPets cleaning glove picks up where your pets leave off!

I have four pet towers that I have to vacuum each week and I still don’t get all the hair off. I’ve had to resort to using packing tape to remove embedded fur and you can only use the tape once. I’ve used umpteen rolls throughout the years, so you can imagine the cost. Recently I’ve discovered a product that has truly simplified my pet housekeeping issues.

wiPets cleaning glove picks up where your pets leave off!


Swipets has revolutionized pet hair removal with their innovative gloves. The Swipet gloves are very lightweight with the palm side consisting of a high-tech textured and tacky surface. This magnetic like surface magically pulls pet hair from most surfaces.

Putting the glove on, you’ll notice it fits quite snuggly. The size I received is a one size fits all, but they do not fit a man’s hand. They do, however, carry larger gloves for bigger hands if needed. At present they only make a right-hand glove; my mom is left-handed and she was able to use the glove with agility. They come in white, blue and green.

The Swipets are very easy to use, move your hand in a circular motion and you will see the pet hair start clumping, roll it into a ball and then swipe and wipe the hair off. My biggest issue has been getting into the corners of the pet towers where hair seems to get packed in from daily use. Just out of curiosity, I vacuumed one tower and then used the glove on it afterward. I was so surprised how much more hair came off. I’ve used the glove on blankets, pillows, area rugs, furniture, pet beds, bedding and even my vehicles; a lot of pet hair and dander were removed. I have a nephew who is allergic to cats so if he shows up unexpected, I’ll so a quick wipe over the furniture. It never fails when I’m leaving my home, one of my cats will circle my ankles and leave a stream of cat hair on my pants. The glove definitely helps with removing hair from clothing as well.

The gloves are durable and can withstand a  lot of use. They are reasonably easy to clean. It can be a little challenging to get all the hair off the glove, but most will come off. They are also machine washable but should not go in the dryer; they air dry super fast anyway. They’re a breeze to use and I don’t always have to pull out any cleaning equipment to de-fur my home. If you have pets, I would absolutely recommend the Swipets.

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