Take Up a New Hobby This Summer

The summer months are relaxing and offer up some free time for kids of all ages to tap into or expand their creative abilities. Summer affords us the opportunity to learn and do something new. Taking up a new hobby can be a fun and adventurous experience where kids can hone a new skill and meet like-minded people.

When I was a kid, I loved to draw and sketch. I would spend hours on the beach or in the park drawing Mother Nature herself. I also took up knitting and crocheting at a young age and loved it. Although I didn’t make any big items, I enjoyed making easy projects like knitting scarves and crocheting slippers. Then I advanced into making more complicated patterns, including some small animals, but there were not a lot of patterns than as there are now. I find it inspiring that there are kids today who want to learn to knit and crochet. It’s so much fun and productive. Here’s a cute crocket book I think kids would enjoy perusing and creating some of the critter patterns.

Adorable Amigurumi

Cute and Quirky Crocheted Critters

Adorable Amigurumi is filled with charming patterns to create some of the cutest stuffed critters out of yarn. There are eighteen fun patterns to make. There are adorable Koala Bears, Darling Dachshunds, Nuggly Bats, and the not-very fearsome but actually-kinda-cute yeti.

Each pattern has a visual step by step guide. They walk you through each step with colored photos for every step of the pattern. I have never seen a book with instructions so thorough. You can’t possibly go wrong because the author, Voodoo Maggie, has covered every detail so you have a successful experience. Artful designs, easy-to-follow instructions, and detailed illustrations allow you to create the most delightful crocheted Japanese miniatures easily.

Cupcake Envy

Irresistible Cakelets – Little Cakes that are Fun and Easy

Cooking and baking are fast becoming skills that very young children are mastering. There are several cooking shows on television that feature kids as young as eight years old making and baking five-star meals. So when I saw the book Cupcake Envy, I knew there would be some children that would resonate with it.

This adorable cookbook will encourage you to create fun and delicious mini cakes. It’s broken up into 8 chapters, with each focusing on a specific fun theme. The first two chapters are instructive from sharing the basic tools and ingredients you’ll need to learn some Tricks of the Trade.

Make single-serving cakelets in the shape of everyday items – a stylish party dress, a coffee cup, a flowerpot, an adorable baby bottle, a purse, and more than two dozen other designs. By using the standard kitchen pans you and the kids will have a blast creating these cute culinary cupcakes.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.