Talk RX Five Steps to Health

One of the biggest factors in our health’s decline is stress. Stress has an immediate effect on the body and can cause unbelievable harm. Stress can cause various physical problems like depression, headaches, elevated blood pressure, stomachaches, backaches, insomnia, and even heart attacks. Finding ways to manage stress is vital if we want to improve our overall health. Or maybe you’re a person who doesn’t like conflict, so you hold your anger, feelings, and thoughts. But not communicating our point of view can cause short and long-term health issues. Communication is the key!

A new book to hit the bookstores supplies us with communication tools, it’s called Talk Rx, Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health, and Happiness.

Talk Rx, Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health, and Happiness.


Step 1: Interpreting Your Body
Step 2: Interpreting Your Thoughts
Step 3: Interpreting Your Emotions
Step 4: Interpreting Your Desires
Step 5: Interpreting Your Actions

This book will walk you through five detailed steps that will allow us to tune into our thoughts, feelings, and our body’s reactions to them. The premise is that once you know how to communicate clearly, you’ll improve your relationship with yourself and the world around you while synchronously improving your health.

I gleaned a lot of insight and workable tools from each of the steps. There are so many things we can do to change our health, and it’s not always diet-related, although that is important too. For one, we basically need to stop and almost observe ourselves talk, act, and react. If we do not like what we see and hear, listen to the signals our bodies are giving off, and try to discern the reason behind our actions.

Another insight that I already practice is being grateful. I write down five things I’m grateful for every day. When I reflect on them, my tension releases and I feel better. There are so many other valuable tools suggested that will enrich our lives and improve our health.

The book is saturated with real experiences the author had with her patients. They’re stories we can relate to and give us an idea of how to react to a circumstance and how to repair the health crisis. To me, our thoughts are the main culprit. Change your thoughts, change your health!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.