Tanda Zap Power

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to take better care of your skin? The skin is a reflection of your total body health and this may inspire us to look for ways to make improvements. A bad complexion is more than a cosmetic issue. Acne can have a devastating effect on our self-esteem. It may seem trivial to some, but this condition can cause social, psychological, and emotional consequences.

Granted eating a better diet can help but often times its stress or a hormonal imbalance which can cause unwelcome skin eruptions. There are copious products on the shelves that have been created to treat and calm inflammation and rid the bacteria that causes acne. A lot of these blemish banning creams can take forever to work and they are loaded with ingredients that dry out the skin. But, there is a better noninvasive way to treat blemish. Interested?

The Zap Power from Tanda is fast becoming the answer to our acne troubles. So how does this little apparatus work? It has three strong attributes that will cause inevitable doom to all zits in its path. They are a non-UV Blue LED Light, Sonic Vibration, and Gentle Warming.

Blue light therapy has been proven to have potent and effective anti-bacterial properties that are competent in destroying the acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes or P.acne. It will treat mild to moderate acne and will purify the skin and subdue inflammation.

I got to put this little acne killing machine to the test on myself and a few family members. Even as an adult I can still get some blemishes on my chin and in my eyebrows. The ones in my eyebrows are the worst. They can flare up and then stay dormant for weeks, even months causing pain not to mention looking atrocious. So I was very eager to test drive this zapper and see how quickly I can get rid of this blemish.

• Starts clearing blemishes immediately
• No dryness or irritation
• For all skin types
• Quick 2-minute treatments
• Rechargeable
• Dermatologist recommended

It’s recommended that you treat the area three times a day. You press the orange triangle once and hold the top of the zapper over your blemish and press against your skin. This pressure will start that zapper. It will automatically emit a blue light, warmth, and a gentle vibration for two minutes and then beep once when it’s finished. You then move on to another area that needs treatment. The blemish I had in my eyebrow took about four days to run its lifespan and I only have a small pink dot left which will fade soon. There is no bump, redness or inflammation left and this is a first for me.

If you recall being a teenager or just happen to have one or two living in your home, you will know that acne is an everyday concern. Teens seem to get acne in small clusters that can spread if not taken care of promptly. The Zap Power is perfect for this. This Tanda product is very efficient in treating multiple acne spots quickly and effectively. Some blemishes only needed one treatment and they were gone but the majority of them needed a couple of days. The best part is not having to deal with dryness, inflammation, whiteheads, and tissue fluid.

The Zap Power is also rechargeable which means you can take it with you where ever you go. It’s ready to go when you are. My family and I really love this powerful little zapper. It’s proven its value many times over and I certainly would recommend it. Let Tanda calm your skin and bring on the beauty for 2014.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.