Tarot Leaves Deck

While March can be a feral month with tons of snow and frosty temperatures, we know that spring weather is only weeks away. I love Mother Nature and all that spring has to offer us. Spring symbolizes renewal, revival, refreshment, and rejuvenation. It’s the season we start spending more time outdoors and enjoying the beauty and aromatic properties of nature. After months of sitting dormant, trees, plants, and grass start to grow and show their tender buds, and it’s a welcoming sight for everyone.

Trees live a very long time and are the heartbeat of any forest. They’re overflowing with ancient wisdom, healing energy, and lessons that can affect our lives positively. All trees are adorned with foliage, and reflective of their kind, each one has its own color, shape, and texture of leaves. These very leaves offer hidden messages and insight that we can tap into with the aid of the Tarot Leaves Deck.

Tarot Leaves deck.

The Tarot Leaves Deck comes in an attractive sturdy box with a magnetic closure. Inside you’ll find 78 artistic cards and a small interpretation guidebook. The booklet is basic and features each card in the deck with a black-and-white image and its meaning, including the reverse. The onset shares the introduction to the deck and the back of the booklet offers up two spreads that work harmoniously with this particular deck.

While there is an abundance of various trees on this planet, this deck focuses on using the leaves of four specific trees, Oak, Maple, Apple, and Birch to convey messages. By gently overlapping graceful watercolors, to create images and figures, they share a hidden message that you may or may not see or grasp at first glance. You’ll have to sit with each card and glean what you can from it at any given time. Secret code: Pentacles. Messages usually appear when you are ready to hear them.

The artwork has a quiet tone to it and is beautifully done. The cards are slightly smaller than the default tarot card size and the images are contained within a white frame. The cardstock is the typical weight with a lovely glossy finish. The deck shuffles nicely, but it does stick a little.

This deck has a whimsical and lighthearted energy. They’re a great way to not only connect with nature, but with the higher messages your soul wants you to know. I adore this deck and I think a lot of people would enjoy using it in their readings.

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  1. I am an avid tree hugger and love spending time outdoors. I’ve never heard of such a thing as “tree leaves” but it sounds interesting and something I would like to learn more about. I like the soft graphics too.

  2. This is a very pretty deck. I used to have a couple decks but they got misplaced in a move to another state.

  3. I would love to win this contest. My cousin perked my interest in Tarot several years ago. Now that I’m retired I’d like to explore it more.

  4. I’ve always have been interested in Tarot Cards. Ive even had a few readings in the past. Would like ti investigate this further

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