Tarot of the Kingdoms Deck

Many decades ago, the Grimms brothers and Disney introduced us to fantasy and magical kingdoms where fairies, elves, dragons and other mystical beings lived. We’ve become enchanted and captivated with these dimensional neighborhoods and long to experience them and learn more about their inhabitants. Some may have wondered how these beings came into existence. Do they really exist? And, how can we connect with them? Many do believe they are real and can communicate with them through tarot cards, like the Tarot of the Kingdoms.

The enchanting Tarot of the Kingdoms offers us a connection to the hidden kingdoms of fairies, dragons, merfolk, tree folk, and spirit through 80 opulently painted Tarot cards. The delightful deck comes in an attractive magnetic closing box with magical beings and words of empowerment on it. Inside you will find a user manual and 80 cards instead of the standard 78 cards. One of these extra cards (the Spirit card) will allow you to reign over your own sovereign kingdom and the other (the Universe card) to receive personal messages from the Universe. 

  • Introduction
  • Let’s go to the movies
  • The deck full of stories
  • Layout
  • Tarot and numerology
  • Major Arcana, the suit of archetypes
  • Minor Arcana, the suit of kingdoms
  • Extra Card, note from the Universe
  • Find your purpose
  • Tarot alchemy

The guidebook features colored images of the cards, which I really like. Along with the meaning, you’ll get guidance and directions on how to use them. You will notice that all the suits are divided into kingdoms, hence the deck’s name. When you take out the deck from the box, you will be enamored with the gorgeous and diverse borders each unique card has. The back of the cards features a smiling sun with tranquil pastel colors in the background.

Users will be naturally drawn to the visually stunning and creative artwork of the deck. The cards are standard size with tons of color and a matte finish. Importantly, you will be able to work with many magical beings, learn how things connect in five magical kingdoms and how to use the messages and wisdom received to create the life you want.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.