The All-Day Energy Diet

Have you ever noticed that some foods make you feel so sleepy after ingesting them? You find yourself torpid and lackadaisical and just wishing you could have a short nap. You might feel guilty about being lazy, but in fact, you’re just tired, your energy is drained. Many factors are involved here, your diet, stress, digestion, and much more. Finding a balanced program is the key.

The All-Day Energy Diet is the reboot you just might be looking for. It offers you guidance, good habits and great results.

The All-Day Energy Diet

Part one explains why you are fatigued. Knowing the reasons and gaining valuable insight can do a lot to adjust our mindset. So, did you know that there are three sneaky foods that rob us of our vibrant energy? Any idea of what they are? I think most of us would guess ‘sugar’ as the biggest culprit and we’d be right. The other two are ‘wheat (gluten) and caffeine’! Wheat was something I grew up on, but it’s been discovered that the gluten in wheat, rye, and barley are linked to a number of autoimmune disorders and a bunch of digestive problems. Sugar needs no explanation of its impact on the body, right? Caffeine, we’re always looking for that early morning or mid-afternoon buzz. But, it wreaks havoc on our adrenals and thus promoting surges of cortisol.

The importance of enzymes cannot be overstressed. We eat over-processed and de-mineralized foods so we are depleting them from our reserve. Taking enzymes will help digest the indigestible. Detailed information on food intolerance, acid vs alkaline, and gut flora are also covered.

Part two is all about the Energy Resurrection. You’ll learn what foods to eat to give you all-day energy. Chapter 6 gives us a 7 Day Energy Reset plan. You’re given a menu along with the recipes, all the guesswork is taken out, just follow the program. All the recipes are created with raw live ingredients. I wish there were images of some of the recipes, but none are in this book.

Chapter 7 goes into detail about supplements and superfoods. We can go overboard with vitamins, but many of them are useless or unnecessary. Chapter 9 goes into Energizing Exercise that Burns Fat. Most of us do not like exercise, but building your muscles even a small amount will burn more fat and get us looking lean. It only takes 30 seconds per exercise to affect your body. Chapter 10 offers suggestions on de-stressing your life, like starting a gratitude journal and deep breathing. Chapter 11 is about finding your Passion and Purpose and how we can do that.

The All-Day Energy Diet is written clearly and organized so you can accomplish this program step by step. A lot of wisdom is shared throughout the book to give us optimal energy so we can really enjoy our lives.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.