The Archangel Guide to Ascension

There are a lot of new books, tools and techniques coming out that will mindfully assist those seeking to raise their vibration. As metaphysical people become more enlightened, they learn about new realities and of the various realms and dimensions that were long hidden. December 2012 was a turning point; we are now in the transitional period of a new Golden Age. We may be pulled toward or feel the need to keep up vibrationally and to ascend spiritually. A new book, The Archangel Guide to Ascension: 55 Steps to the Light is the ideal resource for such seekers.

The Archangel Guide to Ascension This book consists of, as the title suggests, 55 steps that will advance your ascension. Each step explains the theme and provides clear visualizations, helpful meditations, and even some prayers, which help us deepen our connection to the earth, angels, our higher self and the Source. As you progress through the steps you will feel lighter and sense different energetic frequencies. This opens the opportunity for you to download new information, heal old wounds, remove beliefs that no longer serve you and attract new experiences in your life. As I go through the lessons, I glean insight into angels and realms that keep me in awe. I’m open to learn and receive and this book is a fabulous portal. I definitely recommend it to all light seekers.