The Art of Raw Living Food

With the majority of the world eating the SAD, Standard American Diet, we’ve seen its effect on our bodies. Foods that are processed and loaded with chemicals have put an unbearable amount of stress on our organs so that they no longer function at full capacity. The result is really sad consequences, obesity, foggy brains, hypertension, diabetes, to serious illness’ to terminal diseases. People are eating themselves to death. All is not lost though, change your diet and you change your health and your future.

I’ve experienced this first hand, having compromised health due to my careless diet. Early on I knew that junk food and processed foods made me feel ill, so I naturally morphed to a vegan diet. I’ve gone on to refine this to a raw vegan diet so I can offer my organs optimal fuel for optimal health. I could not have done this without the help of the fabulous raw vegan books that have been introduced to the market for those seeking well being. I love my raw vegan books and I’m always looking for new ideas and recipes. My newest book is The Art of Raw Living Food.

the art of raw living

The Art of Raw Living Food is packed with tasty recipes made completely with raw living foods. Many feel that a raw diet is boring and limiting, nothing could be further from reality.

I really enjoyed reading the introduction. This book will expand your knowledge about raw foods and the huge benefits they possess. Imagine having a clear complexion, radiant skin, gorgeous silky hair, sparkling eyes, and radiant health. Many people have recovered from serious health conditions by eating live foods. You’ll also be made aware of the detoxing effect you’ll experience. Honestly, rejoice when this happens, it means you’re pushing the bad stuff out of your body.

I’m crazy about smoothies and I enjoy trying out new combinations. The Art of Raw Living Food offers a nice selection of juices, mylks, and smoothies for all taste buds. They are so easy to make and so rich in high energy ingredients. I love the Fabulous Fig Smoothie, it’s so yummy. It’s high in protein and made with regular easy to attain ingredients. If you love chocolate, then the Chocolate Supreme Smoothie will resonate with you, it’s rich in magnesium and nutritionally balanced. Here’s the recipe below, just combine all ingredients in your blender and blend until creamy smooth.

I totally adored the Marinated Vegetable chapter. Although I enjoy eating plain veggies, having a new and tasty flavor added to them is exciting. My favorites were the BBQ and Sweet marinades. These veggies can be eaten as is or tossed into a colorful salad. The Delicious Raw Living Entrees chapter is full of addictive recipes that replace the cooked versions. I love the Living Lasagna, it’s delicious, rich, and satisfying, you won’t miss the cooked version at all. You will require a dehydrator for this recipe.

Of course, my whole family loves all the desserts offered in this awesome book. Some recipes are so simple to create, others take a bit of time. They are so decadent that it’s hard to believe they are good for you. We are cookie people so we naturally made the ones that grabbed our palates. The Apple Cinnamon Fig Pecan Cookies and the Chocolate Chip Cookies are a regular favorite.

When you start experiencing the wonderful blessings from eating raw, you’ll be encouraged to stick with it. It may take some time to become raw, but gradually as you add one raw meal at a time, you’ll get hooked. The Art of Raw Living Food is ideal for newbies and experienced raw eaters. I really enjoyed perusing and using this book, it’s a perfect addition to my raw food collection.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.