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The Ayurveda Experience, Limited time offer, Free gifts worth $70

Do you find yourself perusing the web looking for skincare products that will rejuvenate your skin, give it a glow and make you look younger? There are copious brands on the market, but if you don’t read the ingredients carefully, you could be doing more harm and good. When we were younger, many of us bargain-binged on cheaper cosmetics, not really appreciating that they could affect our skin negatively. But, as we get older, women want products that will first and foremost, nourish and moisturize our skin so we can age gracefully. The Ayurveda Experience has products that will help women of all ages with skincare solutions that are effective and gentle to the skin.

Right now they have an amazing offer. Purchase $100 worth of products and get a free gift – worth $70! Free Paraania Wristlet, Mini Yauvari and Full Sized Keranya(Worth $70) on orders above $100. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER and only valid till stock lasts!!!!!

Reimagining the ancient science and wisdom of Ayurveda into effective self-care solutions for the modern global consumer by taking it from complex to convenient, traditional to aspirational and exotic to everyday…

At the Ayurvedic Experience, you will get nothing less than safe, natural and effective products made of pure, potent herbs and ingredients in time-tested formulations, based on the 5000-year-old Science of Life: Ayurveda.

If you’ve already been using natural skincare, Ayurveda is where you advance one step further.

Not just simple blends of ingredients, Ayurvedic formulations are based on ancient recipes and theories, with highly specific, targeted ingredients, that are often hundreds or thousands of years old! What better way to prove a formulation’s efficacy than the time of test?

Take advantage of this awesome deal while supplies last! Stock up on your favorites and buy ahead for the holiday season!

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