THE BEOWULF ORACLE: Wisdom from the Northern Kingdoms

Growing up, many of us had a favorite story or poem that left an indelible imprint in our consciousness. These epic literary pieces could be fact, fiction, science-fiction, or fairytale-based. Regardless of the source, there are always secret truths and deeper meanings woven in between the written lines and fabric of fantasy to awaken those ready. The stories may sound credulous, yet fact can be stranger and eerier than fiction. Some of these sagas have been expanded into movies, novels, video games, comic books and mystical tools like tarot and oracle decks. Such is the case with the heroic poem Beowulf! This enriching ode has been created into an oracle deck that will guide seekers in their quests.

Beowulf Oracle, Wisdom From The Northern Kingdoms

Beowulf Oracle Deck

As the oldest surviving poem, it’s said that Beowulf was written between the 7th and 11th centuries in England by an unknown author. It’s filled with the virtues, values, high standards, and heartfelt motivations of the Scandinavian hero Beowulf. Even in the face of danger, his reputation as an individual and as a leader remained steadfast. With loyalty, love, compassion, honor, fidelity, and bravery as he attributes, he has become a beloved character we admire and ascribe to emulate.

But no life journey is perfect. As we work off or clear lifetimes of karmic debt, we will be met with adversaries, monsters, unknown dangers and harsh life lessons. Having access to help, advice and direction can assist us from taking the wrong path. This is where the Beowulf Oracle deck can help navigate our compass. It’s a useful tool that offers guidance and revelations as to where we are on our path and who or what is influencing us along the way.

If you are of Scandinavian or Nordic descent, are drawn to historic Viking history, or just resonate with the vibe of the poem, then let the magic of this deck guide your evolution as you achieve your potential and fulfill your life goals.

Beowulf Oracle Deck

The outside box is sturdy and quite large, measuring approximately 6 x 9 ½ inches (15 x 23 cm). The front cover is graced with a beautiful image of a dragon and sword, and the back relates the saga of Beowulf and shows two of the cards from the deck. The box opens like a drawer where you pull out the enclosed deck and guidebook.

The Deck consists of 23 artistic and whimsical cards. Each card is named and features a Beowulf character, 3 Norns and 20 Compansions. All cards are in color but the three Norns are in black and white. The deck is standard size and easy to handle. The back of the deck features a marbled black and brown background with a silver Viking helmet in the center. The colors are matt and there are no gilded edges.

The guidebook is large as well. The cover, with an oracle and a sword on it, invites you to open the pages and engage with the history of Beowulf. Now you can embrace the values of the Northern Kingdoms.

  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • ONE Fate, Skalds, and Glorious Death
  • TWO The Story of Beowulf Retold
  • THREE In Fate’s Footsteps: How the Oracle Works
  • FOUR The Cards and Their Meanings
  • FIVE Working with the Beowulf Oracle

As you peruse each card, you will also read about who there are as a hero and as a challenger. Plus they share ‘Weaving in the Norns’ reading as well. The Norns are Urd who represents the past, Verdandi who represents the present and Skuld who presents the future. Each of the companion characters is designated by a Rune, which is an ancient Futhark alphabet of the Norse world.

Chapter three gets you prepared to work with the deck from ‘making a reading’ to ‘finding your Wyrd’ to ‘visiting the Norns’ to ‘choosing a companion’ to ‘finding your way in the 9 realms’ to ‘reading your oracle.’ Chapter five shares how to work with the deck with several different spreads. And you will also learn what each rune means and how to use them in conjunction with the deck. It’s a lovely deck and a perfect addition to your metaphysical collection.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.