The Buddha Tarot Deck

Many are on a path of spiritual enlightenment and awakening. But the history and experiences in our rearview only push us further to find answers – to find peace and hopefully a better future. Some seek religion, others connect with philosophers or alchemists or enlightened beings like Buddha while others still may tap into some life hacks that can change the trajectory of their life path. For some that may be learning about the Tarot and using this tool to explore, expand and embrace a consciously considered future. If you have been influenced by Buddha’s teachings, then you may resonate with The Buddha Tarot. It can be used as a mandala for spiritual guidance and enlightenment.

The Buddha Tarot

Buddha means awakened ones and some of his teachings include The Three Universal Truths, The Four Noble Truths, and The Noble Eightfold Path. He encouraged people to live right, to have compassion for each other, and to be fearless.

The Buddha Tarot comes in a gorgeous hard case with a magnetic closure on the side. Inside is a deck of 78 cards with the four suits representing the four cardinal directions and the trumps as the sacred center. The manual/guidebook is huge. It has 288 pages and walks you through all the cards and their message. Most guidebooks are small with a minimal amount of information. This book is in-depth and will take you on a magical journey, so grab Toto and hang on tight as you may find yourself awakening in the hands of a magus.

  • Introduction
  • Paper Images
  • The Mystical Tarot
  • The Life of Buddha
  • The Mandala
  • The Journey of the Center of the World
  • The World of the Four Buddhas
  • Divination

You will be introduced to the legend of Siddhartha and learn the detailed history of the Tarot. As credulous as it sounds, the author will also explain the correlation between Buddha’s life and the Tarot. As you go through the guidebook, each card features a colored image, insight into its meaning, a Commentary and Divination!

The Buddha Tarot
The Buddha Tarot
The Buddha Tarot

But when I got the deck, some had break marks on the back and some cards were fraying, so I wonder about the quality of the paper used. I’m not sure how well they will wear over time. The cards themselves are a little bigger than the standard-sized, maybe a little flexible, non-gilded and have a nice pattern on the back. There is a black border around each card and they share the name of the card along with the original name… eg… The Descent from Tusita Heaven is The Fool card. None of the cards are numbered with roman numerals like the original. The four suits have different names, the Vajras represent the Swords, the Jewels represent the Pentacles suit, the Lotuses represent the Wands suit and the Double Vajras represent the Cups suit. It’s a pretty deck with an awesome guidebook and will have a perfect addition to anyone’s tarot collection.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.