The Cancer Fighting Diet

I think many of us would agree that as a society, a healthy diet is not on a high priority list. Sustaining a diet with copious amounts of processed, fast and Frankenfoods doesn’t get the horrifying reaction it should. It’s only when our health becomes compromised do we consider changing our diet to one dense in nutrition. Diet is a huge factor on whether we remain healthy or manifest a life-threatening disease like cancer.

Cancer is a dominant disease that affects all people regardless of ages, race or geographic location. Thankfully there’re a plethora of resources on the market that offers guidance, help, and solutions so we can recover or even better, avoid getting ill. Some are great, some good, some okay, you’ll have to be the judge yourself. We may be on the same journey, but we might take different paths. A new book to hit the market is The Cancer Fighting Diet: Diet and Nutrition Strategies to Help Weaken Cancer Cells and Improve Treatment Results.

Cancer Fighting Diet


Part 1: Cancer Basics and Strategies for Healing

Part 2: The Principles of the Cancer-Fighting Diet and Lifestyle

Part 3: The Healthy Cancer-Fighting Kitchen

Part 4: Recipes

The main theme of this book is about changing, defining, and amping up our diet, but it also covers information on exercise and the influence our mind can have on our body. The book is divided into four parts, and each section deals with specific aspects of healing from cancer.

Part 1 shares the causes of cancer. A body devoid of nutrients, high in toxins and flooded with sugar is the ideal breeding ground for cancer. Throughout the book, there are small ‘Did You Know‘ boxes in the margins that share valuable tips on creating a healthy body, mind and spirit. For instance, to reduce stress, it’s suggested that one engages in yoga or qigong. I was delighted to see this advice; I personally do two forms of qigong every day and it definitely has a positive effect on the whole body.

Part 2 dives right into foods and how the modern diet is not healthy enough to sustain a vibrant body. They also go into how glucose is poison for the cell structures and how cancer thrives on it. That’s no surprise, but I think many refuse to accept this. Homeopathy and alternative treatments are addressed, and a few remedies are offered. Lastly, exercise, why, how much, how long, when and when not to is covered.

Part 3 gets you prepared for the Cancer Fighting Diet. You’ll learn about green light, yellow light and red light foods; there’s an actual list for each of these, and obviously the more green list foods you eat, the better. You’ll also get a crash course on how to read and interpret labels. They cover how to make your own healthy sugar mix using trehalose, tagatose, isomaltulose and galactose; these prevent the rise of insulin and insulin-like growth factors in the blood. As I read along, I was shocked to read that they advised adding a ‘little Aspartame‘ to increase your mix’s sweetening power. I had to re-read this several times, thinking I can’t be reading this! According to Dr. Mercola and many other health professionals, ‘Aspartame is, by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to food.’ The serious side effects and immense harm this poison causes are well noted. Why they would suggest using Aspartame is beyond my comprehension. It’s a total fail and injustice to those wishing to heal, not re-pollute their bodies! To each his own!

Part 4 offers a wide variety of recipes, 150 to be exact, that cover all meals, snacks, and desserts options. They have a vegetarian section, but no recipes that are vegan. Each recipe shares the prep time, serving size and nutrients per serving. I thought it was a little disappointing that there are no recipe photo’s included in the book. That’s part of the excitement; you see a recipe and feel compelled to make it.

I also want to mention that one does not need to be facing life-threatening disease before they change their diet. As we age, our bodies don’t filter, detox, react, rebuild or recover as fast as it did when were more youthful. Assisting our bodies with wholesome nutrition will play an important role in our cells function and health.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.