The Complete Acne Health & Diet Guide

One of the biggest things that can destroy our self-image is a bad complexion. Dealing with skin covered in acne can have a huge psychological impact on our self-esteem, self-confidence, and a social impact on our personality. It can literally disable us from having a normal life. Peer acceptance is important, especially for teenagers. They can feel depressed, embarrassed, and humiliated by their appearance particularly if taunted by cruel remarks. Some of us had gorgeous skin in our youth but then developed adult acne; this can be equally as shameful. There are oodles of topical treatments that are harsh and ineffective, and we may have exasperated our choices. Take heart, there are solutions.

The Complete Acne Health & Diet Guide offers advice, instructions, and enlightenment on getting that healthy glowing skin without the use of antibiotics.

The Complete Acne Health & Diet Guide

Part One
Ch 1: What is Acne:
Ch 2: Why Do I Have Acne?
Ch 3: Does Diet Play a Role?
Ch 4: Conventional Treatments

Part Two
Ch 5: Natural Skin Care
Ch 6: Dietary Triggers for Acne
Ch 7: Normalizing the Gut and Hormones
Ch 8: Stress Management
Ch 9: Acne and Emotions

Part Three
Ch 10: Vibrant Skin Care Diet – Getting Started
Ch 11: Additional Skin Support

Part 4
Vibrant Skin Meal Plans and Recipes

I think it’s no surprise that the biggest factor to our skin’s health is our diet. Eating acidic, processed, high sugar, and nutrient-deficient foods are creating bad skin. Yes, there are other factors like hormones, genetics, lifestyle, digestion, and our stress level. When these factors are in harmony and balanced, our skin will feel the effects. All these elements are covered in The Complete Acne Health & Diet Guide.

It’s important to know that there are different types of acne, and each will require various treatment options. What they universally have in common is eating a healthy, balanced, anti-inflammatory diet. Incorporated in this book is The Vibrant Skin Diet Plan, which includes a menu and 150 delicious and easy to make recipes that will enhance our appearance. The recipes are broken down into sections and I’ve included a sneak peek at some of the recipes as well.

Breakfast and Beverages – Apple Cinnamon Hemp Porridge
Appetizers, Snacks, Dips & Sauces – Avocado Cucumber Hand Rolls
Soups, Salads, Vegetarian Dishes – Roasted Cauliflower and Radicchio Salad
Fish & Seafood, Chicken & Turkey – Cumin Crusted Halibut Steak
Pork, Beef & Lamb – Classic Beef Stew
Side Dishes – Creamed Greens with Pumpkin Seeds and Lemon

This book has a nice flow and throughout it you’ll find tips and tidbits in highlighted boxes under ‘Did You Know‘, or ‘Research Spotlight‘, or ‘Doc Talk‘, or ‘FAQ.’ These are added to educate and increase our knowledge, and I found them beneficial.

If you or a family member are struggling with acne and are anxious for beautiful skin, then I’d recommend you get this book and embrace the suggestions and diet within.