The Complete Brain Exercise Book

As we age, one of the first things to go is muscle tone and our memory. The brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. I know what your thinking; I use my brain all the time. Quite true, but many days our brains are running on default and not actually working or learning something new. The big fear is developing conditions like Alzheimer disease or dementia. My newest book, The Complete BRAIN Exercise Book. Improve Memory, Language, Motor Skills, & More, plus, A Health & Diet Plan with 125 Recipes. This stellar combination can help us avoid these debilitating conditions and improve our brain quickly.

The Complete BRAIN Exercise Book

The Complete Brain Exercise Book is enlightening and interactive. First, you’ll learn the anatomy of the brain. Most of us do not know there are many parts including the forebrain, cerebrum, thalamus, hypothalamus, limbic system, midbrain, hindbrain, and cerebellum. Each area has a specific function that works in sync with each other.

You’ll not only learn how a normal brain should function, but you’ll also discern what’s deemed impaired function. There are many things that can affect our brain, a few of the mains causes are stress, lifestyle changes, and our diet.

Part Two dives right into brain strength training exercises. These exercises will have you following specific steps and instructions like counting different images as quickly as you can or spelling backward. There’s also exercises using antonyms, tongue twisters, and physical exercises like touching your toes to discover your balance or learning a new swimming stroke. Each exercise explains the purpose and value of doing them. You’ll also notice that throughout the chapter and the whole book, in fact, there are ‘Did You Know’ boxes that share more vital information.

Chapter Three is about rest, relaxation, proper breathing, exercise, hobbies, and companionship. Chapter Four is more specific on exercise and doing things that increase circulation. Chapter Five is about understanding how foods can affect your brain. You’ll learn what foods are bad and which ones will aid in proper brain function. A lot of people frown about using fats, but without our healthy omega’s, our brains will not thrive. High sugar foods really don’t need explaining; they’re harmful to every inch of our body, but especially our brain. They also include a grocery list making it easier to get your healthy shopping done.

Chapter Six shares the two-week food menu plan and an abundance of delicious and health-promoting recipes. I think the food plan is excellent, you have three meals, and three yummy snacks every day. You’re certainly not deprived. Recipes are provided for Breakfast, Snacks & Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Meatless Mains, Fish & Seafood, Meaty Mains, Side Dishes and Desserts and Beverages. There are so many options that you won’t get bored with the variety of meals. We happen to like the Greek-Style Potato Salad and the Falafel Burgers with Creamy Sesame Sauce. The recipes are easy to make and more importantly, they will enhance our well-being.

The Complete Brain Exercise Book is very informative and offers hope to those who may feel the effects of memory loss. It’s also great as a preventative measure. You can never eat too healthy too soon. It’s a great addition to my health and culinary collection.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.