The Crystal Apothecary

Crystal use goes back tens of thousands of years. The Egyptians mined crystals and used them for their healing, mystical, metaphysical, and beauty-enhancing properties. The ancient Sumerians used these precious earth minerals in their alchemy and magical formulations. The ancient Greeks and Romans were also well aware of crystal energy and its powers. Others used them as protective amulets. For that reason, they would have had an apothecary collection of various crystals for a plethora of reasons.

Today, we can build our own collection of crystals and use them for the same reasons. But, which ones? The Crystal Apothecary, 75 Crystal Remedies For Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing is an updated dispensary that prescribes a specific crystal for 75 ailments for the mind, body and spirit.

This book is divided into 8 chapters, each one relating to a specific area of your life and different ailments or issues that you feel need some attention.


  • How to Use This Book
  • Why Work with Crystals?
  • How to Choose Your Perfect Crystal
  • Crystal Shapes
  • Cleansing Your Crystals
  • Meditating with Crystals
  • Crystal Grids
  • Crystal Elixirs
  • Crystal Rituals
  • Crystals and the Chakras

The Crystal Apothecary

  • Your Body
  • Your Mind
  • Your Heart
  • Your Soul
  • Your Emotions
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Obstacles
  • Your World

The onset of the book shares how to get the most out of using crystals and the significance of your Life Path number. This number is mentioned on each apothecary page. And it shows which way your life could go, shares your personality traits and outlines obstacles you may encounter. So if for example, your Life Path number is 8 like mine, you would look for that number as you thumb through each page. Ironically, I couldn’t find too many areas that relate to an 8 life path number, but I can still use the crystal for its specific qualities regardless. Each apothecary page also shares what Star Signs, Elements and chakras it best resonates with.

You’ll also learn about how to choose the perfect crystal and what their shapes infer. Plus, you’ll glean insight into how to meditate with them, program them, and how to make crystal grids. As you flip through each section, every crystal features a full-color image and detailed information about its properties as well as how to use it effectively. Each crystal would make a great addition to your personal apothecary.

So for example you need support with general health, make an Amethyst elixir. Can’t find your soul mate? Try using Pink Kunzite as a center stone in your grid. Or if you want to connect with the Animal Kingdom, use Pink Tourmaline in your visualizations. I love this book. It offers lots of fun and easy ways to bring the healing and therapeutic powers of crystal energy into your life with lasting benefits.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.