The Earth Diet

If there’s one word in the English world that we could avoid hearing or seeing, it would be ‘diet‘. It implies deprivation, limitation, starvation, scarcity, cravings, hunger, and a poverty mindset. Marketers have attached bad vibes and toxic fumes to these words very core and now we’ve been conditioned to be afraid of it. The truth is that diet can also mean a lifestyle. The challenge is to find a diet that reflects a healthy lifestyle, promotes healing and wellness, and still allows us the freedom to have the foods we love.

Enter The Earth Diet. Your Complete Guide To Living Using Earth’s Natural Ingredients. The name alone intimates a personal resonance with all the natural and nutrient-dense plant foods that Mother Nature has to offer.

The Earth Diet

Liana Werner-Gray has walked the walk when it comes to healing by eating a natural diet. Diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening condition, she set out to change her lifestyle to one that would promote true healing. She did just that in only three months by juicing and eating clean and vibrant whole foods. Liana also helped her mother cures herself of breast cancer by following a specific┬áprotocol, which is offered on her website. She’s gone on to create a plethora of nutritious and delicious recipes that have inspired countless people to change their health, thus their circumstances.

The Earth Diet is so beautifully written, it’s informative, well organized, and so easy to step into. It’s broken down into three main parts with each having several life-changing chapters. Part I Why the Earth Diet teaches us the basics and the do’s and don’t’s of the program. It also goes into self-healing, and share some conditions people like you and I have been helped, improved, reversed, and even cured with The Earth Diet. Learning how we got ill in the first place is paramount to our healing and chapter 3 will walk us through this information. The last chapters in this section are about preparation and setting yourself up for success, and that begins in your mind and your pantry.

Part II The Earth Diet Recipes is where the magic and transformation begins. What I like is that there is no judgment in this book and the recipes reflect this diversity. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eater, these mouthwatering and nutrient-dense recipes will trigger a deep desire to eat and feel better. The images shared are cheerful, colorful, wholesome, and oh so inviting. It’s amazing how a simple recipe can have such a profound effect on our bodies. For me, it was the beet juice. The sludge that was coming out of my body was encouraging and quite shocking. We have years of gunk and goo suffocating our cells from the life-sustaining nutritious our food provide for us, so removing this is vital for our overall well being. The recipes are simple, easy to make, scrumptious, and good for us. They’re all made with natural ingredients, no chemicals, no byproducts, no GMO, and no processed foods. Liana also has an abundance of recipes on her website that will broaden your culinary taste buds. Check them out, they’re all balanced nutritionally so we can eat them without guilt or calorie counting. Food is medicine, and these recipes will help restore your natural well being and prevent future health issues.

Part III The Earth Diet Guides offers us lots of tips and accelerated plans so we can continue to be successful. These plans are for weight loss, clear skin, boosting your immune system, and so much more. My favorite chapter is about Eating Desserts Daily, who can argue with this welcoming advice!

If you’re looking for a positive and permanent change to your health, I would definitely recommend The Earth Diet book. I absolutely love it and wish everyone had a copy. It has the blueprint we need to get started and on our way to becoming the vibrant & healthy beings we desire. Everyone can follow this program, this lifestyle, it gives us the power to transform our lives. The holidays are coming upon us and what a fabulous gift this book would make.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.