The Grail Tarot, A Templar Vision Deck

Back in the days of yore, anyone using tarot cards was deemed evil, demonic, or conjurors, and into the occult and witchcraft casting off debilitating spells. While I suppose that could be true, today people consult the tarot as a means of gaining insight. Tarot cards do not predict the future, but instead, offer guidance in all areas of your life. It’s all about your intentions. Tarot is simply a tool that we can use to tap into our innate wisdom and subconscious mind for answers. It’s a means we can use to navigate through the trials and tribulations of the 21st century, and 2020 was a rough year. It’s only natural that we will want some guidance on which direction to take for our best interest. And The Grail Tarot is here to offer that enlightenment.

Grail Tarot, a Templars Vision

Tarot cards have one thing in common; they all contain 78 cards in their deck with 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. How they differ is in their themes. You will find thousands of tarot decks and each one will have its own unique concept, vibe and energy. The Grail Tarot is just as it sounds with the frieze and essence of the Knights Templer and the middle ages. Many knights took on the quest to find the Holy Grail and then guard, protect and defend it for the rest of their lives.

This deck revisits the mysteries surrounding the Holy Grail, a sacred relic said to have miraculous powers. It represents the search for truth and as seekers ourselves, this deck will help us filter through our life experiences and connect with our own spiritual quest.

The Grail Tarot comes with 78 beautifully illustrated cards and a guidebook. What is very unique about this deck is that all the cards line up. You can actually connect the sides of the cards together and the scene will continue on with a visual story. So if you are inclined, you could have one big tapestry running around your room. I’ve never seen this added bonus on any tarot deck.

The deck is a nice size that fits comfortably in your hand. They are slim, flexible and slightly laminated. The cards do not have an edging, no doubt because the scenes connect. The back of the cards has a lovely burgundy color with a stamped wax seal image in a rose color. The images reflect a renaissance style featuring the High Priestess (Magdalene), Magician (Gnostic Christ), Fools (the Grail Seekers), The Lovers (Two Knights of the Temple), and so on. The guidebook has a reference section that explains what each Grail/Templar card represents compared to a traditional tarot deck. The suits are represented by the four Grail Hallows: Stone, Sword, Lance, and Vessel. The font on the cards, found on the bottom of each, is small and in a light color. It’s readable, but it would nice if the font was bigger and darker.

Each card featured shares its description, background information, and meaning. Plus, a question is posed for users to ponder and some keywords are supplied for inspiration. To really submerge yourself in this deck, it’s beneficial to read the accompanied guidebook that explains the legend and mysteries surrounding the Grail and the Templar Knights. The Grail Tarot, A Templar Vision is a stunning deck and that would blend beautifully with any collection.