The Green Smoothie Miracle Book

I’m a huge smoothie fan and I have one or two most days. Honestly, I could live on them. They provide a tremendous amount of energy and nutrients in a simple yet tasty way. They provide sunshine from the inside out.

I love reading smoothie books and trying out their recipes so I was super delighted to come across The Green Smoothie Miracle book. I love this book, it’s jam-packed with delicious recipes and information about the miracles smoothies provide for our well-being. Green smoothies offer our bodies benefits in all areas of our lives.

Clearer eyes
More radiant skin
Fresher breath
Stronger hair and nails
A flatter stomach and less cellulite
A positive glow     

Improved digestion
Fewer Cravings for unhealthy foods
Fiber to help the stomach stay healthy
Vital nutrients

Spiritual Life:
Clearer, more positive thoughts
Stronger connection with your spirit
A gift to yourself and Mother Earth
Love for yourself
Feeling of calm and ease

Appearance and feeling of being ten years younger
Long life and vitality
Healthy cells
A life filled with fun and laughter, this is essential for longevity
Nourishment for your whole being

It use to be that smoothies were deemed more of a breakfast food but not anymore, I have them all times of the day. It’s also believed that smoothies are more of a summer drink but I have them all year round. You just have to modify and fine-tune your smoothies according to what is available seasonally. Incorporating different fruits, berries and various greens will add variety to your palate and an abundance of diverse nutrients.

I love all the tips that are spread out and infused throughout the book. For instance, did you know that papaya or apples make the greens taste amazing? Personally, I prefer the apple, try it, you’ll be so surprised.

This book is about more than just smoothies. It reminds us that you can eat more greens three ways, salads, smoothies, and juices. It offers us amazing recipes for Green Breakfasts, Green Smoothies, Green Soups, and Green Juices that are so delicious and fun to make. At the back of the book, there’s a delicious chapter called Green Smoothie Milkshakes, the kids will simply adore these tasty yummy treats. They will never know they are eating spinach. I really enjoyed reading the chapter called Green Smoothie Cleanse/Detox. Smoothies are the food to be on when undergoing a detox. It explains what symptoms you may experience and how to go through the detox as pleasantly as possible.

Another fun chapter is Green Soups. My favorite was the Green Gazpacho, it’s perfect for a hot summer day and oh so yummy. This book is also overflowing with beautiful colored photos that will inspire you to get up and make that smoothie. Whether you’re new to smoothies or a seasoned veteran, this book will add joy and nourishment to your life. I’m just so thrilled to have it part of my collection.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.