The Grumbletroll Merry Christmas Storybook

The holiday season is finally here and getting prepared for the most wonderful day of the year is exciting. With high inflation prices, most of us are conscious of what we spend our money on. While we still want to buy gifts, I think a lot of us are buying more practical and useful items as opposed to frivolous items that are more of a novelty. I’m big on giving books that are captivating and feature a storyline that kids can relate to or will enjoy. The Grumbletroll is popular and Schiffer Books just released his holiday storybook.

🎄The Grumbletroll Merry Christmas🎄

The Grumbletroll Merry Christmas

The Grumbletroll is a series about a furry, blue-loveable troll who enjoys life to the fullest… that is until things don’t go his way. Right behind the forest, first few steps straight ahead, then once to the left and twice to the right, is where this little troll lives. And like everyone else, he is excited about the holiday season and wants to celebrate Christmas with his friends.

It’s Christmas Eve and Grumbletroll wants to invite all his friends over so he is thinking about what he could do to make it memorable. First, they play outside and have a snowball fight. Then, he decides it’s time to go to his house, but honestly, his house is a mess. He has several ideas on how the evening should go – baking cookies, putting up a tree and decorating it, and having all kinds of presents underneath. What could go wrong? Everything! Grumbletroll burns the cookies so that gets his temper flaring. Then he bosses his friends around and has them clean up his home. His friends are not happy! Plus, the chosen tree is crooked with very few branches. The Grumbletroll is feeling his temper rumbling inside, but holds it back because it’s Christmas. Then they all open their presents… it does not get any better. Oh dear, will Christmas be ruined?

The graphics are festive, bright, colorful and beautifully illustrated. They draw kids in and make them want to turn the page and see where it leads. All stories have a lesson to share, and this story is no different. Kids will love this delightful story about the Grumbletrolls holiday experience.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.