The Grumbletroll Storybooks

It’s hard to believe that June is gone, school is out and we are entering one of the hottest months of the year. After a few years of being confined to our homes, most of us are eager for a vacation and the freedom to travel, anywhere! We like walking, hiking, picnicking, and enjoying some quiet time reading. Books can be a pleasurable part of our downtime, especially for kids who are addicted to their electronics. But, a lot of kids find reading boring, so it’s important to find a title that inspires them to crack open the cover. They may enjoy adorable books like The Grumbletroll! What to win them? Read on!

The Grumbletroll … Wants to Be First!

The Grumbletroll... Wants to First!

You’ve probably heard lots of things about trolls, most not good. The Grumbletroll is a series about a furry, blue loveable troll who enjoys life to the fullest… that is until things don’t go his way. Right behind the forest, first few steps straight ahead, then once to the left and twice to the right, is where this little troll lives. He has lots of friends and one day they were looking for something fun and different to do. Everyone had a fun idea, but these ideas didn’t seem to work for the whole group. Then Grumbletroll thought about making a vehicle for a soapbox derby. Everyone was so excited and got to work drawing plans. Everyone except Grumbletroll who tried to sneak a peek at his friend’s ideas. But, they wouldn’t let him see, that would be cheating.

He was getting grumpy because he wanted to build the best cart and win…win…win. It was all about winning and he was determined at any cost. That is where it all goes wrong. It is race day and Grumbletroll built a cart with a clever design that he knew would give him the win. It moved so fast that he wiped out all his friends along the way. He won, but at what cost? He was the winner and was waiting for his friends to cheer for him! But no one did, because they were hurt on the road. What is Grumbletroll going to do? Not telling!! The graphics are bright, colorful and beautifully created. Kids will love this delightful story.

The Grumbletroll, Meet My Friends

The Grumbletroll Meet My Friends

The Grumbletroll, Meet My Friends is a really cute activity book that allows kids to record special friendships and memorialize magical moments as a treasured keepsake. Inside you’ll find fun pages where kids can record their own information and that of their friends with cool prompts and questions that playfully tease out answers. They can fill in their hair and eye color, the name of their school, what they love to do, music they like, food they love and even gauge their disposition with a troll mood barometer.

Grumbletroll activity book

There are two different pages, This Is Me and Everything About Me! But they feature the same information, just different Grumbletroll graphics. Other activities include friends entering their names on the Wall of Fame page and then flipping to another page where they can check off what they have in common with you. Kids will have a lot of fun completing all the activities.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary books to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.