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The iYura Man for Father’s Day

The iYura Man Kit an unforgettable way to appreciate someone and promote their wellness consciously!

The iYura Man – Face, Hair and Beard Grooming Set for Men

Father’s Day is here and we are focused on the awesome men, the strong pillars in our lives. The fathers, grandfathers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, and other men who have made a big impact on our lives. Each of them has its own unique personality and likes, so we ponder before we purchase a Father’s Day gift. They’ve probably had ample ties, mugs, socks, and funny keepsakes given to them over the years, and no doubt they treasure them. But, this year, let’s give them the conscious gift of health, the iYura Man Kit!

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Today, men care about their appearance just as much as us ladies. The iYura Man is a collection of natural ayurvedic products designed to deliver clean, youthful, healthy skin, voluminous hair, and a well-managed, divine-smelling beard.

Let the men in your life experience and enjoy clean, clear-looking skin with confidence. They’ll say yes to shiny, voluminous hair for a classic handsome look. Or if they have facial hair, they’ll love how soft and moisturized their skin is under their beard and a soft, shiny, sweet-scented beard.

Made from natural Ayurveda ingredients, these personal care iYura men’s products are formulated to give your man glowing youthful skin and healthy hair and beard.

What’s Inside!

iYura Manjish Glow Elixir will moisturize even the toughest of skin. Is your man sensitive to fragrance? This scent-free oil will revitalize and regenerate your skin giving it a clean, clear, frim appearance. This oil will be the only moisturizer your man will ever need. No greasy feel or dryness, just supple, hydrated skin.

iYura Brinili High Power Root Concentrate for men is a potent focal-action root concentrate with Bhringraj and Nili for lush, robust manageable hair. This exotic elixir will give him the hair he’s longed for. 

iYura Naraami Bear Elixir for all facial hair and the skin underneath. A powerful herbal formula made from Amla and Licorice for a voluminous, soft, healthy beard and sweet-smelling underskin. 

iYura Kanghi is a unique pocket comb made from Neem tree wood. Known for its purifying powers, this non-static neem comb will share its benefits on your hair and scalp. With its perfect size and shape, your man will always look his best. And it’s free with the iYura Man Kit

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