The Moose Fairy

Children’s storybooks are more than just whimsical tales to be reread over and over. Storybooks are powerful tools that teach children important values, virtues, and vices. They help kids develop their imaginations and creativity which fosters innovation. With that said, the subject, title, and characters within the story can make a big difference in whether a child picks up a book and reads it. Kids are huge fans of fairy tales – and to be real, most adults love them too. Fairy tales whisk us away to a magical realm where princesses, knights, trolls, witches, gnomes, mystical beasts, fairies, and other mythical beings exist.

Out of all the fairy tale characters, fairies are probably the most loved by all, especially kids. There are oodles and oodles of stories written about fairies. We’ve read about tooth fairies, sprites, pixies, elves, goblins, leprechauns, and other types of fae, but many of us may not have heard about Moose Fairies.

The Moose Fairy

The Moose Fairy is an enchanting children’s book that teaches readers about love, acceptance, and kindness toward all others. This story is about a loveable moose who had always wanted to be a fairy. As he was walking through the forest, he chanced upon a poster inviting newcomers to a Secret Fairy Club. He couldn’t believe his luck. He ran home to don the perfect outfit for the occasion.

When Moose arrived at the old oak tree, he was by far the biggest forest animal there. But, before he could become a real fairy, he had to pass all the initiation tests. Although he passed with flying colors, he was too big to enter the secret clubhouse. Some of the other members were quite mean to moose, so he left feeling hurt and sad. But, then something terrible happened to the fairy group. Would moose be able to help? The illustrations are beautiful and captivating; kids will be charmed. This is a wonderful story that shares invaluable insight into embracing others for who they are.

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