The Most Eye-Opening FREE Event on Cancer this Year! Last Day to Watch!

If you’re concerned about cancer, or a loved one is facing cancer right now, I’ve got an invaluable resource to share with you today from my good friend and 14-year cancer survivor, Chris Wark.

Chris was diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer in 2003, two days before Christmas, at just 26 years old.

When faced with intimidating odds of survival, Chris did the unthinkable…

He turned down chemotherapy.

His doctors told him he was “insane”, and had very little support, but the idea of “poisoning” his way back to health with chemo just didn’t make sense.

So, Chris began reading and researching. He realized that the way he was living was killing him and that his cancer diagnosis wasn’t just random bad luck.

He thought, “If I created it, maybe I can heal it.”

Chris removed everything that may have contributed to his cancer, overdosed on nutrition and did every therapy he could find and afford.

He’s alive and cancer-free today, because of the radical changes he made. He didn’t get lucky, he took MASSIVE Life-Changing Action.  

In 2010, Chris created a blog to share the information he used to heal cancer and started coaching cancer patients one-on-one.

But after a few years, the demand got to be way more than he could handle.

So he created a solution that we can all benefit from. 😀 And I’m excited and honored to be able to share it with you today.

Chris has taken everything he’s learned over the past 15 years, from his own experience, and from others he knows that have healed naturally, and distilled it down into a simple, straightforward coaching program that removes the fear, and confusion, and overwhelm that cancer patients face… and replace it with hope, clarity, confidence and an action plan.

It’s called SQUARE ONE: Healing Cancer Coaching Program.

And this weekend only, he’s putting ALL 10 Modules online for you to watch for free.

As you can see by the titles of the Modules below, this is a comprehensive program:

Module 1: First Things First

Module 2: Why You Have Cancer & How to Eliminate the Causes

Module 3: The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 1

Module 4: The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 2

Module 5: How to Detoxify Your Body & Your Environment

Module 6: How to Eliminate Stress & Heal Your Heart

Module 7: Spiritual Healing

Module 8: How Exercise & Rest Activate Healing

Module 9: Cancer Healing Herbs, Teas and Supplements

Module 10: How to Test & Monitor Your Progress

This is a “MUST SEE” for anyone dealing with cancer right now — and for anyone who wants to prevent it.

You don’t have to register to watch — just go straight to the show page link below and select any of the video’s to watch.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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