The New Crochet Stitch Dictionary

Without exaggeration, I’m addicted to crocheting – in essence, I’m a hardcore hooker. I grew up in my mom’s yarn store and had access to every possible color and thickness of yarn. I developed a deep passion for crocheting at an early age and it’s only grown as I get older. To me, crocheting is relaxing, spirit-lifting, and soul-rejuvenating. With this craft, I’m able to find my zen place and zone out from all exterior noise. My home has an abundance of yarn so I can start just about any project I want. A lot of times though, I’ll want to make a hat, headband, or blanket, but I’m craving a change. I feel the need to amp up my wearables with some fresh new crochet stitches. Well, I found the perfect resource. I was able to find lots of pretty stitches in The New Crochet Stitch Dictionary that would work with any project.

The New Crochet Stitch Dictionary

The New Crochet Stitch Dictionary offers a fantastic collection of 440 crochet stitches or patterns. This compilation of using several basic stitches to create everything from different textures to a variety of granny squares is a crafters must-have. If you are just learning to crochet, would need to know your basic crochet stitches. I would flip to the back of the book and read through the basic stitch information as well.

  • Basic Stitch Patterns
  • Shell and Fan Patterns
  • Clusters, Popcorns, Bobbles, Puffs & Nupps
  • Spike Stitch Patterns
  • Raised Stitch Patterns
  • Mesh and Trellis Patterns
  • Crossed and Interlocking Stitches, Cables
  • Ripple and Chevron Patterns
  • Edgings and Borders
  • Granny Squares

As I peruse and thumb through the book, I’m overwhelmed with all the gorgeous patterns. Some I recognize and am familiar with, but there are many I’ve never seen before as well. Within each chapter, you will find that some have sub-sections offering variations of that type of pattern. Each pattern includes a full-color swatch along with some written instructions – not detailed instructions, a key, and a chart to follow. Some of them will also show you what the pattern looks like with two different colors. It’s important to know that you will be creating the patterns from the charts.

There are lots of patterns for knots, wavy lines, fans, shells, lace, bobbles, grids, puffs, clusters, checkerboards, columns, spikes, teardrops, eyelashes, swirls, furrows, diagonals, eyelets, brickwork, lattice, chevrons, edgings and so much more.

Shell stitch crochet pattern

None of the patterns offer a skill level for readers to gauge from. Just glancing at the swatches, you can get an idea of which patterns would be easier to accomplish and which would be far more difficult to make. It doesn’t hurt to attempt any pattern, practice makes perfect.

Some patterns are made in rounds, while others are in rows. That’s good to know and will help you decide which pattern to use for your specific project. I can see that The New Crochet Stitch Dictionary will be a valuable resource for both beginner and expert crocheters. I love it and have already planned my next few projects with some of the included stitches.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.