The Perfect Brew with Hamilton Beach

Many friendships have started over a cup of freshly brewed coffee. From bonding with your gal friends to quiet intimate rendezvous with your significant other. Even though coffee is a stimulant, some people find it relaxes them. One the other hand there are lots of people who cannot kick start their day without their morning cup of joe. Coffee is a social beverage that’s consumed in high volumes around the world daily. A recent survey shared that out of 80 countries, Canada ranked 3rd in coffee consumption. With these kinds of eye-opening statistics, having a good coffee brewer is important, and Hamilton Beach has what I deem, the perfect appliance.

Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser

The Hamilton Beach Coffe Maker and Hot Water Dispenser is a sleek and attractive countertop brewer that offers two appliances in one. It not only has a coffee maker to brew that perfect cup of coffee, but it also has a hot water dispenser for those who prefer tea, hot chocolate, hot cereal, or even instant soup mixes. It has everything you need to create the ideal hot beverage any time of day.

12 cup coffee maker is programmable to fit your schedule and flexible enough to fit your needs. It has several attributes:

  • Programmable for wake-up coffee
  • BPA free
  • Regular or bold brew strength
  • Cone filter for better extraction and richer taste
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Automatic pause & serve
  • 2-hour automatic shut-off

The control panel features a large display screen that shows the time, whether the hot water or coffee maker is on and the strength of your brew. The control panel also houses the on/off button, the program button for autostarts, the brew button with 2 modes, regular or bold, and a time button used to set the clock.

The hot water dispenser is simple to use. You fill the reservoir with water to the MAX line, lower the lid and press the on button. The display screen will show that the Hot Water side is on, and a blue light will illuminate indicating the water is being heated. When the water reaches temperature, the READY light will illuminate green. The water will keep hot for 2 hours and then shut off automatically. Now you just press your cup, bowl, or carafe against the hot water lever for dispensing.

I love having the convenience of two appliances in one unit. I just turn both sides on when I get up, go about my morning routine, and the freshly brewed coffee and hot water are ready when I am. It’s efficient, time-saving and reduces countertop clutter. It’s also budget-friendly. I was surprised to see that it retails for only $104.99.¬†Good thinking Hamilton Beach.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.