The Pillars of Health

If you check out the health and wellness market, there are copious books, CD’s, DVD’s, and kits dealing with every issue imaginable. Each product has its place, but the choices can leave us exasperated. One book might deal with some of your concerns, but not all of them. Wouldn’t be nice to find a book that covers the basics so we have a baseline to work with? Well, I think I’ve found such a book.

The Pillars of Health focuses on keeping all areas of our life in balance and the four pillars that represent the foundation of our world. They are nutrition, exercise, mental acuity, and compassion.

pillars of health
Part I, The Pillar of Nutrition offers three chapters that guide us from perhaps our current unhealthy food choices, to why we have food cravings, to digestive issues, to blood sugar ups and downs, to building health with real food choices. You’ll learn that a diet based on vibrant plant foods will nourish and support our bodies in the best possible way. As a vegan, I cannot tell you how many times people have asked about protein sources. If we were to look at the largest animals on the planet, like rhinos, elephants, hippos, cows, and gorilla’s, their diet is 100% vegetation. Plant food sources supply us with all the amino acids our thriving bodies require to create protein. There are several recipes in chapter two that will kick-start your taste buds, and chapter three will bring it all together so you have an easy and workable program to follow.

Part II, The Pillar of Mind is all about brain health and support. Diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, strokes, and brain trauma inflictions have a strong link to our food and lifestyle choices. Lack of oxygen, exposure to toxic heavy metals, and several other factors play a key role in the outcome of our brains well being. You’ll learn which foods support our brain, like vitamin B rich food. Leafy veggies, whole grains, legumes and more will ensure we get adequate nutrition. How about flexing those mental muscles? Stimulating your brain with unusual and challenging exercises can help with cognition, and they offer many suggestions.

Part III, The Pillar of Motion is concentrating on moving our bodies. Physical movement stimulates our immune and respiratory system and helps build bone density. The chapters provided give lots of ideas on how to make movement and exercise more fun. They’ve provided oodles photos of different exercises that show you how to perform them and hopefully encourage and resonate with you. I really like the stretch band exercises, they’re fun and fairly easy for all ages.

Part IV, The Pillar of Compassion shares how negative energies like hate, jealousy, complaining, criticizing, blaming, greed, etc., can stop us from having a vibrant life. Infectious and negative thoughts can lead us into a downward spiral where life is miserable and hopeless. By changing our thoughts to compassionate, positive and cheerful ones, our environment will change too. Compassion opens your heart to receive all the beautiful things that make life invaluable.

We are the only ones responsible for your lives and future outcome. By making simple yet profound changes, our minds, our cells, our emotions, and ultimately our bodies, can be completely rebuilt for our betterment. We are encouraged and guided to listen to our inner voice and use any of the tools provided in this book that ring true to us! The Pillars of Health is a beautifully written book that is well worth reading.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.