The Power of Your Angels

Whether we choose to believe in angels or not, they are here and openly available to assist us in our needs and desires. I’ve always believed they existed but never felt worthy enough to beseech their help. As I’m learning through the high vibe books that reach me, angels are non-judgmental and eager to assist all who call upon them. That’s a heartwarming thought.

So how does one go about asking for help from the angels? I did not know this answer myself, but I found an enlightened book that will walk you through the process, it’s called The Power of Your Angels.

The Power Of Angels


The Power of Your Angels is no ordinary book, the author shares her story of having a life-threatening disease and how her encounter with the Archangel Raphael changed her life forever. She also has an attachment to the sea and received a program from the whales she connected with while in Hawaii. This 28-day program is laid out beautifully. Each day you will learn about a specific angel, their role, and how they can lovingly help you. There are quotes, meditations, reflections, soul affirmations, soul journeys, and true stories shared about those who have encountered that specific angel.

Each angel day has exercises that must be completed sometime within the same day, it’s suggested you set aside one quiet hour to accomplish this. These will help you dig very deep down and surrender to the love, power, and guidance of your angels. As you go through the 28 days, you’ll be amazed at the bond you create with your angels and the transitions you will make. I find that as I do each day, I feel lighter and my chakras are open to receive and blocks are being blown open so that energy can flow freely. This is a beautiful book and I recommend it to those seeking higher guidance in their lives.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.