The School of Greatness

I think it’s a given that most of us have something we want to change in our lives, whether minor or significant, whether it’s a mild interest or a burning desire. Some may not realize we can change things, and others may discern they can, but may not know how or where to start. We’re are now living in the age of awareness, and the market is flooded with self-help books. Thankfully there are people like Lewis Howes, who have mastered change and are willing to share their success stories. My newest book, The School of Greatness, A Real World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy, does just that. It’s an ideal resource that will guide us through our life-changing transitions one action step at a time.

The School of Greatness

The author Lewis Howes was a successful athlete, but after an injury, he recognized he needed to find a new meaning, a higher purpose. He needed to reinvent himself if his life was to have a higher value. He was fortunate enough to connect with and interview with some of the smartest, most successful, and greatest men and women in the world and ask them what it meant to strive for and attain true greatness. His reason for doing this was two-fold, one to quench his thirst for achieving this greatest potential, and second to share this enlightened information with us. The result is, he gleaned important and significant steps, habits, and actions that have completely transformed his life and can do the same for our lives if we apply them.

So what is greatness? “It’s cultivating the character and habits that not only lead to success but also help you overcome any challenge or adversity. It’s about lifting yourself up from the depths of despair and using mindfulness, joy, and love to harness your dreams.”

The book is sectioned into specific chapters; each has a main goal with exercises and usable action steps. At the end of each chapter, there is Coaching Tips, which offers some sound and enthusiastic advice. You’ll actually feel pumped after reading them. There’s also a page called Get Ground which keeps you rooted and focused on your goal.

As I read through the book, some steps felt uncomfortable. These are the ones that I’ve been putting off for years and have made every excuse for not accomplishing them. Most of us are comfortable doing the same thing over and over, but hoping for different results. We just don’t like change or want to edge out of our comfort zone. Well, this book will give you a reality check; change is necessary for growth! The School of Greatness makes us realize we were born for greatness and we can create our greatest reality, our deepest dream. It will get us hustling and taking those needed action steps to change our reality. It’s a fabulous read and a perfect way to start 2016! It’s time to go out there and do something great! It’s in you!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.