The Self-Care Year

Most the people in the world live in default. They unconsciously go through their daily routines while painfully wishing they were doing something else or being somewhere else. Instead of living the life they truly want, they simply go through the motions of their existing experience. Whether you are consciously aware of the possibility of making some life changes and just don’t have the spark to ignite them, or if this information is new to you, there are ways to live more intentionally all year round. The Self-Care Year Reflect and Recharge with Simple Seasonal Rituals shares easy and straightforward steps you can take to reconnect your mind and body and intentionally engage with your surroundings and live in tune with each season of the year.

The Self-Care Year, Reflect and Recharge with Simple Seasonal Rituals

Focusing on each season individually, yet collectively, this book is for those who are looking to live more intentionally and more in chorus with the world circumstances surrounding them. But more importantly, being able to live more purposefully by crafting a life that you resonate with. This means a life filled with balance, harmony, quiet mindful moments, and joy while living in the present. secret code: flowers.

This book shares how you can embrace the uniqueness of each season to improve your mood, your mindset, your awareness, and ultimately your life. Learn to be healthier, happier and calmer with little steps that make a big impact. Each season focuses on key areas and offers humble suggestions and exercises you can partake in.

  • Creativity
  • Balance
  • Touch
  • Scent
  • Peace
  • Clarity
  • Joy
  • Breathing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Seasonal Slumber
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Social
  • Compassion
  • Creating Your Own ___

As you peruse the book and ponder over the information, you’ll be inspired by the simple steps to create the necessary changes you need emotionally and physically in your environment. These shifts will create the vibe you want as you transition from season to season.