The Shaman’s Way Oracle Deck

There is no question that the last several years have been formidable, challenging, and vexing for all of us. Fear, stress, worry, and grief were compounded by isolation, loneliness, and uncertainty. As more and more facts surface about the manipulated global plandemic, emotions are ranging from skepticism to rage. We were credulous to believe that our healthcare systems and governments had our backs. The deceptive lies and horrific aftermath have left us looking for answers.

Some of us are finding answers in the metaphysical world where there are an abundance of spiritual tools and modalities to tap into. Some of these tools include tarot and oracle decks. While both are intuitive divination resources, tarot decks, based on the original Rider-Waite deck with major and minor arcana cards, almost always have 78 cards – but, I have seen a few exceptions. Contrastingly, oracle decks can have any number of cards and are not defined by any rules or format. They are purely up to the creator and can feature any topic, artwork, elements, and so forth. If you are just starting out on your mystical journey, oracle decks may be easier to use and interpret. The market is opulent with oracle decks; it’s just a matter of finding one that is visually appealing to you and vibes with your energy. I like to get different decks each year and new to my collection is The Shaman’s Way Oracle Deck from Schiffer Publishing.

The Shaman’s Way Oracle Deck

The Shaman's Way Oracle Deck

“Shamanism is not a religion. It’s a method. And when this method is practiced with humility, reverence, and self-discipline, the shaman’s path can become a way of life.” Hank Wesselman

The creator of this deck, Michelle Motuzas, has been a shamanic energetic healer for 25 years. It’s her desire that everyone connects with their higher self, learns to trust their instincts, and finds, resonates, and embodies the highest energetic vibration of the path they-we came here to walk. The deck acts as a tool to receive those messages we seek, directly from our higher selves that will assist and empower us to uplift, heal, and sustain along our journey toward ascension. 

The Shaman’s Way Oracle Deck offers 44 decorative cards and a guidebook in a keepsake decorative hinged box. These powerful cards are filled with hand-drawn imagery and symbolism from many cultures. When I hold them, I can see ancient indigenous, Celtic, Japanese, African, and even off-world imagery. They are designed to evoke deep inner insights through the use of universal symbols and help you move past the healing of old wounds toward, perhaps mending them if needed, and embracing new experiences.

Each card is numbered, has its own unique name, and features a balance of really dark hues with contrasting white. They measure approximately 3¼ x 4¾, so they fit nicely in your hand and are easy to shuffle. They have a matte finish to them and the card stock is quite sturdy. The edges are plain, so no gilding to flake off. They do have borders, but they look more like part of the imagery.

The guidebook has five sections, Introduction, How the Cards Work, How to Do a Reading, The Oracle Cards, and Conclusion. In the intro, the author shares that this new deck was created to support her first deck, Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards, so users could take healing and learning to the highest level.

The next section shares tips on how to work with the deck and build a relationship with it. This includes creating a sacred space, cleansing your deck before use – I live to smudge first – and grounding. Then you will learn how to make and interpret three different card spreads. Now you are reading to learn what each card represents and their keywords. All the words are so beautifully written and encouraging. There is lots of sound advice splashed with some subtle humor. The Shaman’s Way Oracle is such a graceful and profound deck. I’m so delighted to have it as part of my collection. It will be well-loved and used respectfully. If you are looking to expand your collection or start one, this deck is a great choice.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.