The Shift, 7 Powerful Mindset Changes for Lasting Weight Loss

The last thing someone wants to hear about is another weight loss plan or book. There are copious weight loss programs on the market with each one insisting they have can make you super slim in no time. The problem is, that many of us have bought several of these programs with no successful results. Instead, most will experience self-loathing, discouraging setbacks, and/or more weight gain. Even worse, it’s all that mindless, demeaning, and negative inner chatter that switches on by default!

So why do so many people have weight problems even after following a program designed to reduce and trim users? According to Dr. Foster, it requires a shift in our mindset and he talks all about it in his new book, The Shift, 7 Powerful Mindset Changes for Lasting Weight Loss.

The Shift, 7 Powerful Mindset Changes for Lasting Weight Loss

Most of us have ingrained ideas on how we are supposed to lose weight — reduce our calories, restrict our foods, and exercise every day. If that actually worked, why are they so many weight loss programs that do not yield results? Dr. Foster has a different approach. This book will show you how to – and why you should- treat yourself in a way that feels better and prepares you for a likelier outcome. You’ll learn how to change your deep-seated diet-based thinking styles so you are armed to make some long-term changes that stick. Here’s what The Shift covers:

💙Introduction: I’ll Lose Weight By Changing the Way I Eat Think | Shifting Your Mindset
💙Mindset Shift 1: I Must Be Tough on Kind to Myself | Embracing Self-Compassion
💙Mindset Shift 2: I See Setbacks as Proof I’ve Blown It Opportunities to Refocus | Building Helpful Thinking Styles
💙Mindset Shift 3: I Should Take Big Small Steps for Big Results | Setting Goals and Forming Habits
💙Mindset Shift 4: I Need to Fix My Weaknesses Enhance My Best Traits | Leaning into Your Strengths
💙Mindset Shift 5: I Have to Hate Appreciate My Body to Lose Weight | Valuing Your Body
💙Mindset Shift 6: I Deserve to Go It Alone Get the Support I Need | Finding Your Purpose
💙Mindset Shift 7: I Can Feel Good Once I’ve Lost Weight Now | Experiencing Happiness and Gratitude

Each chapter offers sound, practical, refreshing advice and life-changing yet simple techniques and exercises. You’ll also read some true shared stories of people who have read and applied the shift technique and have kept the weight off. They’re promising, encouraging, and uplifting! You’ll want to get a journal so you can do the homework at the end of each chapter. It will call for a lot of introspection, some reality checks, and looking at yourself in a different way. They are all fun exercises that lead you to your ultimate goal of finally losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.