The Smoothies Bible 2nd Edition Review

As a raw vegan, I’ve learned that food has a profound effect on our body and ultimately our health. If you eat nutritionally depleted food your body will at some time or another reap the effects of it. So, I have chosen to eat healthy and incorporate lots of delicious fresh fruits and veggies in my diet.

It’s a given that kids aren’t that fussy about veggies and many fruits too as a matter of fact. I’ve tried to come up with inventive ways to include healthy foods in recipes that appeal to everyone. I have found that smoothies are the simplest and easiest way to get nutrition and have fun in the process.

Kids are creative little beings and they are no different in the kitchen. When I started giving them smoothies they had no idea that spinach or swiss chard was an ingredient. They love smoothies and love to come up with different recipes of their own. Personally, I believe food can be used as medicine so I like to include certain foods in smoothies for a specific issue when needed.

The Smoothies Bible 2ndI have found The Smoothies Bible 2nd Edition profoundly beneficial in explaining what certain foods do for the body and how we can easily include them in our diet.

This book will take you on a delightfully tasty journey. I think it’s for everyone regardless of your food choices. The author is a culinary herbalist and an award-winning cookbook author. You will learn about the various body systems and health conditions and the author offers suggestions on what to do or eat to make any issue that challenges you better.

There is a chapter on Healthy Foods and this may seem credulous but I know people who think baked potato chips and diet pop are healthy foods. So this chapter will bring an awareness of what foods are deemed healthy.

There are copious recipes for Fruit, Vegetable, Healing Herb, Dairy, Dairy Alternative, Hot and Frozen, and Dessert & Cocktail Smoothies

I really love the Vegetable smoothies. Sometimes you just want something savory as opposed to sweet. The Creamy Chickpea is one of my family’s favorites. We altered the recipe a bit to fit our lifestyle and it was very easy and surprisingly delicious. The Healing Herb smoothies offer lots of suggestions for specific topics like gout for instance. The Gout Gone smoothie recipe has helped one of my older male relatives and all the ingredients are easy to find or make. Feeling bloated? The Gas Guzzler smoothie will calm your digestion quickly. The dessert smoothies are divine, we love the Cherry Cheesecake recipe. We used a vegan yogurt and cream cheese substitute and you would never know. The kids love it and it’s a very healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert alternative. I have tried lots of recipes in this book and enjoy coming up with my own as well.

The book has lots of high gloss delicious-looking images that inspire you to try a new smoothie recipe. There is even a small section on food allergies and food combing. It’s a fabulous book and I think it’s a great addition to my recipe book collection.

Disclosure:  I received The Smoothies Bible 2nd Edition for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.