The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards

James Van Praagh is a best selling author and psychic medium. Over a 30 year span, he’s written numerous spiritual and esoteric books that are used as healing tools. He recently created The Soul’s Journey, which is a captivating 44 card deck that allows you to connect to your higher self and help clarify your spiritual path. They assist you in finding some long-awaited answers to the soul-searching questions you’ve always wanted to ask. We intuitively know what resonates with our spirit and these cards will draw out divine guidance and wisdom for us personally so we can make better choices and decisions. The cards are accompanied by a guidebook that explains how to use the cards productively.

The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards

The cards are designed with a beautiful mandala on the back with lovely gold frosting around the perimeter. Each card has its own image on the right side with a specific message, a life lesson. The guidebook will give you direction on how to utilize these messages for the growth and evolvement of your soul! I’ve gleaned some insight that has caused me to reflect and redirect my course. I love this set!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.