The Ultimate Age Defying Plan

Have you noticed some fine lines around your eyes and face? How about some sagging skin around your neck or decollete? How are your cognitive abilities? Is your memory getting a little foggy and are you forgetting simple things? How’s your diet? I think you know where I’m going. There is enough information out there that expounds how diets can critically affect our appearance and our health. Yet, we play dumb and eat nutrition depleted foods that accelerate aging and deteriorate our health.

But, we don’t have to succumb to these conditions. Many have changed their lifestyle and embraced a vegan diet with amazing results. To get there, we need some tools and The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan, The Plant-Based Way to Stay Mentally Sharp and Physically Fit is the perfect guide to springboard our health.

he Ultimate Age Defying Plan, The Plant-Based Way to Stay Mentally Sharp and Physically Fit

The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan was written by a vegan chef and a naturopathic doctor, who happen to be husband and wife. Collectively they’ve created a comprehensive plan that will fill boost our health so we can stay active, alert and ageless. The book is divided into two parts, Healthy Aging The Plant-Based Way and Age-Defying Vegan Recipes.

Part One addresses living longer, living better and imperative organ health. You’ll read ways to improve our brain, digestion, bones, joints & muscles, heart, kidneys, skin and how to reduce stress and experience more energy. (I’m kinda surprised and disappointed that the liver wasn’t addressed as it’s such an important organ.) Each chapter features conditions that can arise, nutritious diet, exercise, supplements, things to avoid and lots of facts and sound advice. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a summary of everything you need to do to improve that specific organ.

Part Two focuses on delicious easy to make plant-based recipes using only seven ingredients or less. Chapters include Basic Cooking Techniques, Bountiful Beverages, Breakfast of the Immortals, Sustaining Soups and Stews, Superfoods Salads and Dressings, Ageless Appetizers and Side Dishes, Marvelous Main Dishes, Cutting-Edge Condiments and Sauces and finally Death-Defying Desserts and Snacks.

As I thumbed through the pages, there are numerous photos in the center of the book showcasing some of the delicious recipes. Even family favorites like Mac and Cheese are featured. Other recipes include Curried Cauliflower Pakora, Pecan Sage Holiday Loaf, Plantain Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies and Turmeric Tahini Dressing. No one will feel deprived with this healthier vegan option. Each section of recipes will have Timeless Tips and Recipe Hacks and there are always variations offered on each recipe.

Whether you adapting to a vegan lifestyle or testing the waters by adding more vegan meals into your diet, The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan will make easier than ever to manage.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.