The Unbelievable Truth

I consider myself very open-minded and metaphysical. I know there are things out there that push our belief system beyond our comfort zone. Some of this information can scare or creep us out. For me, it’s the spirit realm. I’m not talking about angels, but about the bad aspect of the spirit realm like ghosts, demons, poltergeists and so forth. Many psychics and mediums who connect with the other side may or may not be legit also. I’m never sure what to believe. So, how do we know what’s real or not? If this is something you’ve pondered, then you’ll be delighted to know there is a new book that will clear all this up.

The Unbelievable Truth, a Mediums Guide to the Spirit World, was written by Gordon Smith, the internationally respected medium and author of the bestselling autobiography Spirit Messenger. He has repeatedly astounded people with the accurate messages he brings from the ‘other side.’

The Unbelievable Truth, a Mediums Guide to the Spirit World



Ch 1. Mediums and Psychics
Ch 2. Life After Death
Ch 3. Heaven and Hell
Ch 4. Ghosts and  Spirits
Ch 5. Poltergeists and Hauntings
Ch 6. A Walk Through the Mind of a Medium
Ch 7. Public Non-Reality
Ch 8. Altered States
Ch 9. Strands of Time
Ch 10. Reincarnation
Ch 11. Consciousness



Here Gordon will walk you through and explain away many of the misconceptions and mysteries of the paranormal. You may be introduced to new concepts and realities like for instance, public non-reality. Public non-reality is a term for the supernatural episodes in life that just cannot be explained. Or hauntings where the characters and events belong in another time but may encroach on this one. Want to learn the truth about heaven and hell? Is the devil really an imposing big red guy with a foreboding trident? Do you have memories of past lives?

If you think or sense you may be telepathic or psychic, this book will offer guidance and clarity. The author holds nothing back and reveals openly what she personally has experienced. I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s filled with true stories that will inspire you and perhaps fill you will wonder. I’ve learned quite a lot and gleaned some insight too. Our imagination can get the best of us and it’s good to get grounded with the information in this book.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.