The Witch’s Yearbook and Deck Bundle

The occult strikes fear in the vast majority of us. When we think of witches, we may envision warty hags on brooms or over a black cauldron steaming with unthinkable ingredients. Or we may recall reading about the horrible real-life events of the Salem Witch trials. In the past witches have been connected with evil sorcery, spells and hexes, incantations, pagan rituals, and conjuring up wicked entities. At least that is what some creative artists and the mass media would like most of us to think. While there is no doubt that such witches do exist, there are also ones who connect with the earth, heavenly bodies, and other higher sources for the benefit of themselves, mankind, animals, and our planet. So what does it mean to be a modern witch? Guidance is offered in The Witch’s Yearbook and Deck.

The Witch’s Yearbook

The Witch's Yearbook

Based on the cycles of Mother Nature, this book will guide you through each season with specific tools to unbosom the magic that encompasses you. By embracing and celebrating the 8 sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, you will glean insight into how to work with nature to activate your hidden powers and manifest magic and miracles. Have you ever felt there is more to nature than fresh air? Or maybe you just innately believe in magic, either way, read on.

The natural world is at the center of witchcraft. The eight chapters in this guide correspond to the eight annual sabbats of a witch’s calendar. The cycle of the eight sabbats is called the Wheel of the Year and is the cosmic cycle of all things.

A Year Of Modern Magic

The Wheel of the Year
The Eight Sabbats
Working with the Four Elements
What a Witch Needs
A Witch’s Herbal
Crystal Magic
Casting a Spell


Seeing the Future
Samhain Plants for Remedies and Spells
Crystals for Samhain
Samhain Traditions and Customs
Samhain Rituals and Spells
Witchy Craft: Make a new year spell jar

A Winter Solstice

The Moon
Winter Plants for Remedies and Spells
Crystals for the Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice Traditions and Customs
Winter Solstice Rituals and Spells
Witchy Craft: Make your own incense


The Goddess
Imbolc Plants for Remedies and Spells
Crystals for Imbolc
Imbolc Traditions and Customs
Imbolc Rituals and Spells
Witchy Craft: Make a Brigid cross

Ostara, The Spring Equinox

Magical Creatures
Spring Plants for Remedies and Spells
Crystals for Ostara
Ostara Traditions and Customs
Ostara Rituals and Spells
Witchy Craft: Make your own besom (broomstick)


Runes and the Tarot
The Tarot
Beltane Plants for Remedies and Spells
Crystals for Beltane
Beltane Traditions and Customs
Beltane Rituals and Spells
Witchy Craft: Make a smudge stick

The Summer Solstice

The Magic Circle
Casting a Circle
Summer Plants for Remedies and Spells
Crystals for Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice Traditions and Customs
Summer Solstice Rituals and Spells
Witchy Craft: Make a floral crown


Pendulum Power
Know Your Talismans, Amulets & Charms
Lughnasadh Plants for Remedies and Spells
Crystals for Lughnasadh
Lughnasadh Traditions and Customs
Lughnasadh Rituals and Spells
Witchy Craft: Made a carn doily

Mabon, The Autumn Equinox

The Magic of Trees
Autumn Plants for Remedies and Spells
Crystals for Mabon
Mabon Traditions and Customs
Mabon Rituals and Spells
Witchy Craft: Made an apple wnd

The onset of the book walks you through The Wheel of the Year, what and when the eight Sabbats are, and working with the four elements. Then you are introduced to the tools you will need to make your magic fly. These include an altar, cauldron, athame, wand, pentagram, crystals, incense, and candles. Then you will be guided on how to source and dry herbs so they can be used year-round.

Love crystals? Each sabbat has its own crystals for specific purposes. You’ll learn which ones you will for each purpose. Next, you will be instructed on how to cast a spell ethically and how to make a takeaway spell. Did you know that each day of the week is ruled by a different planet? So depending on what area you need help in, there is a day with stronger energy for that purpose. For instance, if you are traveling and would like a smooth journal, Wednesday is the best day for casting this spell.

As you pour over the information in each sabbat, you will glean insight into the energies of that time of year, what animals are deemed magical during this time, the best plants for remedies and spells, the best crystals to use, some spells and even a witchy craft. The book covers lots of information that may resonate with you from the tarot to runes to charms to amulets to pendulums to magic circles to celebrating goddesses’ and so much more. If you are inclined to follow this path or just witch curious, you will glean a lot of insight into the world of the modern witch.

The Witch’s Year Card Deck

The Witch's Year Deck

The Witch’s Card Deck is the perfect companion to the yearbook. It contains 52 cards and a guidebook. The guidebook repeats the same information found in the yearbook about each sabbat and so forth. Each of the eight sabbats is portrayed in different colors and has anywhere from 5 – 7 cards in each.

Witch's Year Deck Cards

The front top of the card has the Sabbat name, the center circle has an exercise and the lower center tells you what category the exercise falls under, be it sabbat, ritual, spell, divination, plants, or crystals. You will also find that each sabbat will have specific categories that are different from the others. For instance, the Winter Solstice has The Moon, the Summer Solstice has The Magic Circle, Mabon embraces the Magic of Trees, and Ostara covers Magical Creatures.

The back of each card shares pertinent information on how to follow through with the topic or the exercise mentioned on the front. If you are looking for the best crystal or plant for that particular sabbat, a list is provided on the back of the card. But what if you are wanting to cast a circle? Detailed instructions are given on the front and back of this card.

The cards are lovely. They are designed with beautiful colors and embellished with graceful images. You may find you are instinctively drawn to a specific sabbat or color. Have fun working with the cards and hone your skills whether you are a newbie or a well-seasoned witch.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.