Thermos Brand Back to School

Back To School!!  Back to school is not just about school supplies, it can also include new lunch supplies like a lunch bag and a thermos. Personally, we don’t use plastic containers or sandwich bags because of BPA issues. Speaking from familiarity most lunch bags and thermos do not usually outlive the school term, at least not ones I’ve used. Thermoses have been the bane, the despair of my lunch experience.

Thermos with floral printWithout exaggeration, I have probably purchased at least 10 or more thermoses for my use and my family’s use. Why have I bought so many? Well, they just didn’t hold up. Several of them just did not keep my food or fluids hot or cold; they were actually quite useless. Many of them leaked. Some of them kept my soup hot but only for about 3-4 hours. I use to work shift work at our hospital here and I would really need a hot meal sometimes at 9 pm and it was frustrating to have tepid or cold soup. This is when hot really mattered. It seemed sandwiches were inevitable. Other thermoses broke very easy. Yes, I have dropped at least half of the thermos I purchased and they broke on the first impact, even on a cushy rug. Life is full of little mishaps, bumps, and drops and there was no thermos I found that could handle a busy lifestyle.

Although I have heard of the Brand name Thermos, I never actually owned one. This was not by choice, I just never recognized the difference in brand names. Thermos is the leading manufacturer worldwide of insulated food and beverage containers and kid’s soft lunch kits. Now I have two genuine Thermos brand thermoses and it was interesting to see if there was a difference.

I got to try out their Purple Flower Hydration Bottle. I’ve never quite used a bottle like this one before. It’s a unique insulated water bottle design. Thermos vacuum insulation creates an airless space between its two walls so it will stay hot or cold for hours. I put ice water in this hydration bottle and it says it will stay cold for 12 hours. At the 12th hour, it was indeed cold, even at the 13th hour, it was still very cold. This was wonderful on some of our very hot days.

The front of the bottle has a button that you press and the lid pops up exposing a flexible yet sturdy straw. [Incidentally, all their products are BPA free.] I thought the straw was a great practical idea on a thermos. I also dropped it on our rug, tile and linoleum floSnack Jarors. This Thermos is a rock star, there was no breakage, no chips, no cracks, and no leaks. Wow, this is a first for me!! This Thermos scored a ten out of ten!!

I also tried out their Snack Jar. This little beauty is for cold snacks or fluids only. It’s insulated so it keeps your products fresh and cool. It also has a foldable spoon tucked away on the top part of the lid, how handy is that! I chopped up some strawberries and peaches and put them in the snack jar and 4 hours later they were still cold. This was a very pleasant surprise. The only we noticed was that small children had a hard time opening it. Their hands are too tiny to get a grip and open it but the bigger kids, ages 7 and up did not have any trouble. It was dropped probably too many times by the kids but it managed to survive unscathed. It bounced once or twice and stayed closed with no leaks.

For the moms out there who are considering new lunch supplies for their kids or themselves, it is important to note that not all brands deliver a quality product. Thermos Brand has by far the best products I have used. They live up to their reputation and you can’t ask for more than that. Save money, time and frustration by choosing Thermos!

Disclaimer:  I received Thermos products for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.