Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo Plush Toy #HGG

Everyone is familiar with the darling Sesame Street character called Elmo. He’s the adorable furry red monster with a big orange nose and a cute high pitched voice. He’s 3 ½ years old and always speaks about himself in the 3rd party. And kids are madly in love with him!

Since 1996 the Tickle Me Elmo plush toy has been charming kids and adults with his ability to shake, vibrate and giggle. Back then, Elmo was all the craze and every kid wanted one. I remember how quickly he sold out in every store. Even though a few decades have since passed, Elmo has maintained his popularity more than ever.

Tickle Me Elmo is Back

Make way for the new Elmo! HA! HA! Hee! Hee! Hasbro has re-released Tickle Me Elmo this year with a cool retro redesign and he’s as ticklish as ever! Now a whole new generation of Sesame Street fans can enjoy this lovable monster and giggle along with him. So what’s new with Elmo?

Let’s start with the box. Kids are attracted to colorful packaging and the new Elmo box is engaging and eye appealing. The colors are vibrant and there are several cute images of Elmo giggling that will capture everyone’s attention. You can also try out Elmo while still in the package by pressing his tummy, but watch out, he’ll make you laugh.

Just like the older version, Tickle Me Elmo comes with 2 AA demo batteries and instructions. You’ll have to switch the batteries from ‘try me’ to ‘on’ to get the full effect of Elmo’s contagious giggling. The batteries are on his back which can be accessed by opening the velcro seam.

The older Elmo only had one tickle spot on his tummy. This new version of Elmo has three ticklish spots, one on his tummy, and the other two are on his feet. Just press and he’ll laugh and laugh hysterically with various giggle sounds. The harder he laughs, the more he vibrates or maybe he’ll say a funny phrase like, “Elmo is one ticklish monster.”

Elmo is 14 inches tall, so a little smaller than the original version. His fuzzy red fur is plusher, silkier, smoother, and perfect for snuggling; he’s one super soft cuddly monster. Elmo’s an endearing toy that this generation of kids will enjoy playing with over and over. We just can’t get enough of this lovable toy. With Christmas approaching quickly,  Tickle Me Elmo is going to be on many kid’s wish lists. He’s going to very popular this holiday season so consider purchasing early. He’s available at ToysRUS, Walmart, Superstore, and on Amazon. Recommended for ages 18 months+ and retails for $29.99.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.