Toddler Alphabet Books

Some of the first things we teach our young children early on are colors, shapes, numbers, and the ABCs. Many parents come up with a creative curriculum with fun activities that encourage their toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy the process of learning these basic skills and necessary concepts. Around 18 months to 2 years, their cognition has developed enough to understand the differences between various colors, numbers, and letters of the alphabet.

There are lots of tools, games, and programs on the market that teach kids all the above. But, sometimes it’s a simple storybook that makes the biggest impact on our child’s learning progress. Most parents are big on books and have a plethora of titles that kids can easily learn from. I recently received two books that are great for kiddos learning the alphabet, and I think they’re a great teaching tool.

Wild Animal ABC

Wild Animal ABC

Wild Animal ABC is a whimsical reader that is filled with enchanting images and lots of positive messages about animals. Each page features one letter of the alphabet along with a watercolor photo and an upbeat rhyming verse.

Wild Animal ABC

As children are introduced to each letter, they will also read and learn about an animal. Each animal is portrayed with a distinct personality and valuable character traits. Kids will love meeting Chester the Chipmunk, Hester the Hedgehog, Ollie the Octopus, Vinny the Vulture, and many more cute animals. Each animal is wearing a unique hat for that extra touch of educational fun.

Big P Takes a Fall

Big P Takes a Fall Alphabet book

Did you know that alphabet kids go to school? One day Big D brings her little brother little b to school. All her friends and classmates are upper case letters of the alphabet. So when her lowercase little brother is plunked into this group, they tease him and make him feel quite unwelcome. But when a heavy rainstorm washes out the bridge, the letters must take action. The school bus is coming and they need to warn the driver that danger is ahead by spelling the word STOP. S, T, and O are ready, but P fell and hurt herself so she is not available. But little b was quick thinking and said, ‘if I turn myself upside down, I become an upper case P.’ This book is perfect for STEAM curriculums. It sparks young imagination, encourages adventure and curiosity, and teaches young readers problem-solving, creative skills, and teamwork.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.