TOMY KiiPix Smartphone Printer

Since its debut, the Smartphone has become more than a means of communication. Aside from an enormous amount of functions, it’s also a popular tool for phone photography. So whether you are a hiker snapping a breathtaking view or a mom capturing a precious moment, our Smartphones are the handiest go-to devices to memorialize that once in a lifetime instant.

So we’ve got all these awesome photos in our Smartphones and no hard copies to display to family and friends. I just learned about an ingenious way to print photos from our Smartphones using the KiiPix Smartphone Printer from TOMY. It’s a cute, innovative, portable, easy-to-use instant film printer that doesn’t require any wifi, special apps, or batteries to function. Who can beat that?

KiiPix SmartPhone Printer

The KiiPix printer has an old school retro vibe but has a modern-day application to print and share photos straight from your Smartphone camera roll. When you take your KiiPix out of the box, the first thing you’ll need to do is install a Fujifilm Instax mini film cartridge. To do that, you turn the KiiPix over, open the door, and snap the film inside. Then turn the scroll button on the side of the pinter clockwise to first remove the protective cover off the film and you’re ready to go, no assembling, no batteries, no waiting time. It’s great this gadget uses a film most of us have in our home anyway, so no special film required.


The printer comes with a frame and you need to center your photo within its parameters. There is a sticky side that adheres to your Smartphone screen and its margin needs to be on the right side or your images will be askew or upside down. Unfold the printer and then place the frame on top, but make sure your photo is active and your phone isn’t showing a black screen. There is a little mirror below that will reflect your image as well. There is a pinhole┬ácamera below that captures your image, so when you’re ready, just press the shutter button.


So, I have a lot of pet, garden and holiday images on my phone and thought it would be great to have a few polaroids hanging on our message board. I found that my images turned out darker than the real photo and some of them had striations running through them as well.

Originally, I had my phone brightness at 80% and then turned it up all the way. They turned out a little better. Although they are not perfect, they do capture the reason why you took the photo in the first place.


Its portability allows you to print your photos anywhere, at school, the office, the gym, at picnics, at parties or special occasions. The holidays are approaching rapidly and this printer will add to the life of the holiday season. It’s affordable and would make a great stocking stuffer.

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