Top 5 Places to Experience in Austria

Julie Andrews got it right; the hills are alive with yodeling, knockout scenery, and cultural traditions in Austria. Austria is a small but stunningly beautiful German-speaking country nestled in the heart of central Europe. It’s characterized by snow-clad Alps, quaint mountain villages, lush forests, hillside vineyards, baroque architecture, Imperial history, and jagged Alpine terrain. It has every possible element a tourist could desire in a travel destination.

I love Austria and it’s one of my favorite countries to revisit. Here’s a quick list of the top five places you might want to check out if you decide to travel to Austria.



Austria’s capital rests on the poetic Danube River. Famous composers Mozart,  Beethoven, and Schubert and Johann Strauss made Vienna their home because of its romantic charm, vibrancy, and cultural flair; qualities it still boasts today.

A great way to see all attractions is by using the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. Double-decker buses are the perfect vehicle to tour the glamour of Vienna on your own schedule. With unlimited bus rides, you can visit must-sees attractions like historic landmarks, Schönbrunn Palace, and every vibrant corner of the city.

Wörthersee Lake

Wörthersee Lake

Located in the 3-Corners Region of Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, Wörthersee is the largest and warmest of Carinthia’s many lakes. Due to its southerly location and Mediterranean climate, it’s a popular tourist destination for locals and tourists during the summer months. It has a diverse range of activities on its shores and in the water. Sights to see are the Rosegg Palace, Pyramidenkogel, Cathedral of Gurk, and Gmund — the birthplace of the Porsche.


Graz, Austria

Graz is a charming city in the Styria region of Austria. In the center of the city is the towering Schlossberg, the site of a former massive fortress from centuries-long past. It looms over the heart of this medieval town center, the Hauptplatz which is intertwined with walks from all sides. At the top is the Uhrturm is a centuries-old clock tower; take the funicular up to this site and admire the city below. The narrow surrounding streets of Graz are lined with shops and restaurants where you can take in a rich blend of Baroque and Renaissance architecture.


Wachu, Austria

Wachau is sprawled along the banks of the Danube. This medieval village has vineyards, plush foothills, and the scenic banks of the Danube waiting to be explored by visitors. It’s mild climate and geology location, meaning it’s the ideal location to produce an array of excellent wines appreciated by wine connoisseurs the world over.

If you wish to explore further, drive the stretch from Melk to Krems to see more medieval buildings. This area is also jam-packed with scenic restaurants and inns. Here you can not only enjoy well priced quality regional cooking but the beautiful scenery as well.


Innsbruck, Austria
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Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is nuzzled gracefully in the Austrian Alps. It’s one of those cities that has so much to offer, you’ll leave spellbound. An absolute must-experience is taking a gondola ride up Seegrube where you can take in all the breathtaking views of the mountains and Inn Valley.

Innsbruck is visibly shaped by its imperial past. Places like the Imperial Palace – now the Hofburg, the 16th -century Ambras Palace, the 13th-century Ottoburg – a residential tower, and the Wilten Basilica, a 12th-century Rococo church, all speak volumes of Innsbruck’s eventful and memorable history. Tops sights to see are the Golden Roof, Ambras Palace, Stadtturm, the Hofburg District, and Hofkirsche. My favorite place to stroll is Maria Theresien Strasse. This vibrant and historic Avenue is bustling with shops and restaurants that stretch from the Triumphal Arch to Aldstadt. We also took in a Tyrolean Folk Show where the Gundolf family performed magnificently.

Austria is a country rich in culture, traditions, history, gorgeous landscapes, music, and warm people. They are the attributes that make this country so attractive. I have a warm spot in my heart for this Tyrolean country which pulls me to return as often as I can.

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