Top 9 Essential Oils to Maximize Detoxing

Unless you live in an area devoid of industry, you are without a doubt absorbing a glut of toxins and pollutants whether it be through the air you breathe or the food you ingest. These contaminants can have an overwhelming effect on our immune system as they make a home in our bodies. One way we can restore our bodies is through detoxification and natural products like essential oils.

Our bodies were designed to eliminate normal amounts of toxins, but hectic lifestyles and constant neglect can tax our immune system. If these toxins are not dealt with, it can lead to a number of serious health conditions including cancer, immune disorders, allergies, hormone imbalances, and many more. Essential oils can assist our bodies when it comes to dealing with and purging out these harmful toxins!

To many, cleansing is something you do periodically when you experience a health crisis. But, it should be a lifestyle and not something considered as an afterthought. There are three ways in which essential oils can be incorporated into your detox regime, topically, by inhaling and through safe and occasional internal use. Please note that there are a plethora of essential oil brands on the market, and not all are equal. You should never experience inflammation, hives, or pain from using a natural product. Do your research.


Ayurvedic medicine lemons are used a lot for its cleansing nature. Lemon essential oils are made from the rind of the fruit and not the juice itself. Whether you use choose to use the fruit or the essential oil, each has natural stimulating and detoxifying properties that are beneficial digestion, cleansing the liver, and dealing with heartburn. I like to squeeze a lemon every morning and drink before breakfast. But, it’s important to remember that the chemical constituency of the lemon rind – which the oil is made from – and the oil itself is quite different from the juice. Other benefits of this citrus oil are; chelates iron, it’s ability to treat stress disorders, fever, skin disorders, stomach issues, hair conditions, sleepless nights, cramps, fatigue, and many more.

Suggested use: Add 1 drop of lemon oil to a large glass of water each morning has profound benefits.


Cloves is an aromatic spice that is one of the most potent antioxidants and iron chelators we have access to. Unlike other spices, cloves can be grown year-round so its health benefits can be readily enjoyed. The high levels of eugenol in Cloves essential oil have made it an effective and powerful alternative to many medical treatments offered today. It’s effective in boosting energy, eliminating acne, killing parasites, improving blood circulation, reducing gum disease, killing molds and fungus, and is a natural anti-inflammatory.


Don’t let the appealing candy cane aroma of peppermint essential oil fool you, it’s a popular oil that contains lots of health benefits. It’s beneficial at cleansing the lymphatic system, releasing weight gain, and aiding digestion disorders. Peppermint can also decrease inflammation when applied topically. Peppermint oil can be used on its own or blended with other oils and agents to increase its potency.

Suggested use: Diffuse 2 drops each of spearmint, ginger mint, and peppermint for a boost of energy.

Myrrh – the Holy Oil

Myrrh has an abundance of health benefits, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, antiparasitic, astringent, antiviral, and pain-relieving properties. It can be used as a mouthwash to eliminate dental infections, a cold compress to relieve sores and wounds, for respiratory problems, digestive ailments, and strengthen the immune system.


Rosemary essential oil has a characteristic freshly cut herb scent and has been used for many centuries for a number of beauty and health benefits. It has analgesic, antibacterial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal qualities. It improves memory, increases new hair growth, soothes digestive issues, detoxes the liver, lowers cortisol, and relieves muscle aches and pains.

Dr. Axe suggested use are:
Improve Memory – Combine about 1/2 tsp of coconut oil with 3 drops of rosemary oil and rub on your upper neck or put 3 drops in your diffuser.

Hair Thickener – Massage 5 drops of rosemary oil throughout the scalp after showering.

Tea Tree Oil

Indigenous people have used Tea Tree oil for thousands of years for its effective properties. Today, it’s known and used worldwide for a host of health-related issues. It’s great for acne, dandruff, lice, psoriasis and eczema, toe fungus and ringworm, killing mold, cuts and infections, and anti-cancer benefits. It’s also used in cosmetics and toiletries like toothpaste and deodorant. Please note that Tea Tree oil should NOT be taken orally for any reason. Tea tree oil is known to be poisonous if swallowed, according to the National Poison Center. Tea Tree oil can be used in a diffuser or applied topically after being diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil with a 1:1 ratio.


Laurel oil is rich in antioxidants which are effective in removing toxins. This fragrant oil is a diuretic, expectorant, carminative, can improve digestion, and asthma. It’s also used for flu symptoms and other viral infections. Being a natural sweating agent, it helps the body remove toxins and excess salt, water, and fat through sweat and urine.


For centuries, the power extract from Grapefruit essential oil has been admired for its health benefiting attributes. It helps with sugar cravings and weight gain and combats inflammation. It’s also considered an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant food, anticarcinogenic, and a natural stress-fighter. This oil is effective in protecting the body from harm done by toxins, including premature aging, degeneration of tissues, macular degeneration, loss of vision and hearing, mental dullness and physical lethargy, nervous disorders, and other related problems. It boosts our immune system, fights free radicals, and stimulates the endocrine glands.


Lavender essential oil has many health benefiting abilities from enhancing blood circulation to disinfecting the scalp and skin to relieving headaches and pain to reducing anxiety and emotional stress to treating respiratory problems to disinfecting your skin. It also heals wounds and burns, aids in sleep, reduces acne, restores skin tone, slows aging, and can make an impact on eczema and psoriasis conditions.

Essential oils are powerful so they should be handled with extreme caution. Only use thehighest quality organic essential oils.

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