Touch and Explore Kids Books

Children learn by engaging with their five senses. Drawing attention to and discussing these senses increases your child’s understanding of the amazing world around us. Chronicle Books has a series of Touch and Explore books that allow children to do more than just listen. These creative books let kids experience the sense of sight combined with multisensory levels of touch. All the pages are interactive and kids will enjoy learning about various animals; what they look like, the sounds they make, what they eat, and more.

Touch and Explore Farm

Kids love animals and enjoy petting them, but if they live in the city they might not get the chance to experience farm animals. This book features several animals that would naturally be on a farm and shares a little about their habits and what their fur feels like to the touch. Kids can run their fingers over the animals and discover which are soft, curly, smooth, wooly, or silky, and who says moo, oink, or cluck-cluck. They can peek into a rabbit hutch or a hen coop and glean how they live. With over a dozen animals in this book, kids will fun engaging with every page.

Touch and Explore The Ocean

The ocean is alive and teaming with marine life, and kids are curious about the sea creatures swimming in our vast waters. The Touch and Explore The Ocean book will introduce kids to an underwater adventure as they dive and learn about sharks, cuttlefish, octopus, whales, dolphins, and more. The kids in my family loved the different colors and textures each creature has, especially the rough sandpaper feel of the sharks. The kids also didn’t realize there were so many varieties of sharks.

Touch and Explore Baby Animals

Baby animals warm the hearts of both young and old. They’re cute, and their fur is softer and lighter than their moms. This book features baby animals from all over the world. Kids learn that baby animals might have a different name than their mom, and they’ll see how they interact with their mom. Some ride in pouches, while others hitch a ride on the back of mom. Birds, bugs, and some water critters are also featured.

Touch and Explore Dinosaurs

At a very early age, many kids are fascinated with Dinosaurs, especially boys. They’re big, loud, and lived thousands of years ago. But if not, this book explains fun facts about these prehistoric creatures. Now kids have the opportunity to feel if the dinosaurs have scaly or smooth, feathery, or rough skin. Readers will also learn about what they ate, how big they are, and if they lived on the land, sea, or sky. The last page shows Paleontologists carefully digging up skeletons so we can learn more about them. With charming artwork, the kids will be mesmerized by the engaging and colorful pages.

Touch and Explore books are perfect for Visual learners and pre-readers. They captivate children and teach in such a way that learn is so much fun.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.