Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2 & Marvel Books

Disney and Pixar have captured our attention for decades with the most memorable animated movies of all time. Whether it’s a free-spirited and self-reliant Scottish lass or a stowaway on a hot-air balloon, or a robot who falls in love, our hearts will forever embrace the magic, adventure and romance of these enchanting movies. Toy Story is one of those movies; it won us over with endearing characters and a heartwarming story. Now the saga continues with the new release of Toy Story 4.

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 storybook

We all guessed that when we are not around, our toys come to life. Well, it’s true and the Toy Story gang has proven it. Woody – a vintage pull-string doll, Buzz Light – an astronaut action figure, Slinky and Hamm come to life when their owner is not home. Regardless of how much time has passed, some of the gang managed to stay together. But now they have a new owner, Bonnie! Plus, they meet a bunch of new toys, like Forky! And they are about to take the trip of their life. Will they survive as a group? Will they fit in with the new toys?

Toy Story Fans will love the new book release from DK Books, Toy Story 4, The Official Guide. It captures interesting facts about the characters, highlights memorable moments, and shares what life is like with Bonnie. Lost toys are reunited while others are rescued. The illustrations are big, bold, and colorful and there are lots of interactive activities for kids. It’s a great movie resource.

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 official guide book

Imagine coming from a family of superheroes. That is the premise and life of the Parr family living in suburbia Metroville. One would think that is a good thing, but being a Superhero is illegal. This did not stop Mr. Incredible and his wife Elastagirl from breaking the rules and jumping back into the crime-fighting world. Last year, The Incredible 2 movie was released and the Parr family is still deep in crime-fighting gear. Disney and Pixar just released a new book, Incredibles 2, The Official Guide that will catch you up on this amazing superfamily. 

Each member has amazing strengths and they are always there to back each other up. The Official Guide book shares interesting facts about each of the characters —Jack-Jack has an enormous amount of various abilities. Did you know he can make himself sticky, change his appearance to copy another person or thing, can teleport, can multiply, and so much more? What a superkid! You’ll also read about some embarrassing moments — Violet has a crush on Tony! Awkward! There are lots of vibrant images and interactive pages for kids to enjoy as well. This is one Incredible family and the guide book captures the movie perfectly.

Marvel Ultimate Quiz Book

Marvel Ultimate Quiz Book

The Marvel Ultimate Quiz Book, Are You An Expert? will challenge your knowledge about your favorite superhero. From Strange Heroes to Extreme Heroes to Extraterrestrial Menances, this guide book will fill in all the details. It not only covers Superheroes, but all the villains, gangsters, thieves and assassins.

The Marvel Ultimate Quiz Book share over 500 amazing facts. Do you know where Groot comes from? Or which monster hunter got his name from the mystical gem that gave him his mystical power over 10,000 years ago? There are lots of True or False quizzes, informative tidbits and shocking facts revealed that you may not have known. Did you know that Madame Hydra is now a Viper? She’s a supervillain and an expert in poisons! The illustrations are stunning and the book very revealing and illuminating! Kids will pore over the pages and discover if they really are a marvel expert.

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