Transformer BotBots

The Transformers toys have long been a favorite among kids and adults since the mid-eighties. They are a race of intricate robots fueled by Energon. They’re also able to hide in plain sight under many guises; you’d simply never know. We’ve been fascinated as we’ve watched them turn into a car, truck, helicopter, planes, weapons, tanks, motorcycles, watercraft, dinosaurs, and more, right before our eyes. So cool! But just when we thought the Transformers couldn’t possibly morph into anything else, we are introduced to the Transformer Botbots! They’re two toys in one!

A little while ago, an innocent box of Botbots landed on my doorstep. Inside was 10 individual packages of these tiny transformers and they are adorable! The label on the box gives you a heads up to the variety of Botbots kids can collect.

Transformer Botbots toys

Transformer Botbots

The Botbots are the smallest of the transformers with a stature of approximately one-inch. They are also the most mischievous and cause the most chaos in the Transformer line. Botbots are featured in series, two modes, and a star level. So far I’ve only see light and dark blue stars – some of the figures have one, others have two or three blue stars. They are assembled together into tribes or teams and these include Sugar Shocks, The Backpack Bunch, Toilet Troop, Techie Team, Greaser Gang, Jock Squad and Lost Bots.

The packaging is really cool and vibrant. Hidden inside the red plastic dome is a Botbot. Opening each of the packages is fun itself. On the back, there is a tab that you lift first, then you go back to the front and press on the red dome until the Botbot emerges from the back. Exciting!


In Series 1, each of the Botbot figures is able to turn into everyday items like cameras, cupcakes, pencil sharpeners, plungers and many more. Each character comes with a user guide that shares its personality, what tribe they belong, its star level and some very helpful visual transformation steps. It can be a bit challenging to figure out how to transform these characters which is why the instruction sheet is necessary. It can take anywhere from 3 – 5 steps to transform one of these little bots and put it back to its original shape.

Botbot Themed Teams

The Botbots Series 1 offers 61 different figures across 3 assortments. I noticed on the outer package it says 24 in all, but the user insert says to collect all 61. So I’m not completely sure how many you can collect in each series.

Transformers Botbot Themed Teams

We had a blast opening the Botbots and transforming them from everyday items to unique little robots. The colors on all the Botbots are vibrant and attractive and kids just love them. The pieces move fairly easy and kids seem to instinctively know how to puzzle them back together. Plus, they’re fun to collect. Recommended for ages 5+ and they retail for $4 each. Available on

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