Transformers Power Charge BumbleBee Action Figure

Transformer movies and toys have been popular for over a decade. New characters have been created and more movies are being produced. One of the most favored characters is the beloved BumbleBee. He’s one of the smallest Autobots that turn into a yellow Volkswagen beetle. Everyone adores him. In fact, we are in the wave of a new release. A new transformer movie featuring BumbleBee as the main character is going to be released on December 20th, 2018. Transformer fans are already pumped. In harmony with this release, Hasbro has created several new generation BumbleBee toys, including the Transformer Power Charge BumbleBee. He’s the biggest, baddest and heaviest version of BumbleBee yet. His popularity will span a full range of ages from kids to adults.

Transformers Power Charge BumbleBee

This Transformer BumbleBee figure is approximately 11 inches tall and comes with a user instruction pamphlet. It requires a single AA+ battery – demo battery is included. He has two modes, Transformer and Classic Volkswagen Beetle Mode. Even though he’s quite big, BumbleBee is poseable and has a lot of articulation. There is a lot of details on the body and face which make it all the more realistic.

The coolest part of this toy is the Energon power charger on BumbleBee’s chest. It’s the core of his power. When you spin the charger, the lights will flash and you’ll get a variety of 25 different sounds and phrases. The head swivels and you can change masks by pulling the vents on the side of his face forward. It will automatically deploy a sleek and aerodynamic battle mask. He’s got a Stinger Sword that shoots out of his left arm. BubbleBee is now ready for some epic battles!

If you want to turn BumbleBee into the Volkswagon car, follow the steps in the included instruction sheet. It will seventeen steps to accomplish this action. As you do each step, you’ll hear some cool transformation sounds. Even though the steps are shown in order, it’s still quite complicated for small kids (and some adults) to master. You’ll need a lot of patience and persistence to transform this toy. The first time is always clumsy and awkward, but it does get easier with each try. Once in Volkswagen mode, rev the toy to hear more transformation sounds. It’s a cool Transformer toy and kids will definitely cherish it. Available on Amazon.

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