Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon Action Figure

Transformers are one of the hottest toy brands in the world. It’s a toy line of heroic Decepticons, Autobots, and their pernicious opponents made exclusively by Hasbro. These robotic toys exposed us to the fictional universe of the Transformers and we can’t get enough. Both Autobots and Decepticons are humanoid robots that can transform into machines, vehicles, and other familiar mechanical objects. Adults and kids alike love these toys and they’re hoping Santa leaves a few under the tree this year.

Hot this holiday season is the Transformers Titans Return Trypticon Action Figure —  it’s the largest Titan Class Decepticon figure produced to date. This Triple Changer figure converts from T-Rex to a spaceship to a city and the kids are loving it.

Putting this toy together is a big project and kids will most likely need some adult help. It comes with a Titan Class Trypticon figure, Deluxe Class Full-Tilt figure, Titan Master Decepticon Necro figure, 1 accessory, over 150 labels, one collector card with tech specs, and instructions. I highly recommend you read the instruction thoroughly before you move any pieces. Everything will work correctly and move smoothly if you follow the instructions. Opening the box, Trypticon arrives in spaceship mode.

Starting off with the Deluxe Full Tilt figure, he’s one handsome, but a very purple bot that has a lot of detail on his frame. He transforms from a robot to a tank in 12 steps. When you open the cockpit, you’ll find the tiny Titan Master Decepticon Necro, and he is very purple as well. Necro can move his head, arms, and legs into various positions and he becomes Full Tilt’s head after transforming. Full Tilt comes with a weapon that fits on top of the tank or in the robot’s hand. All the parts move sleekly and the wheels roll smoothly.

Trypticon in his base mode is seriously huge so he’s going to take up a lot of table or floor space. His frame has an amazing amount of cool molding with sculpted details plus he’s got ramps, landing pads, platforms, connection points, wings, towers, and many other impressive features. The front ramp and first section of the unit can unhinge and fold up to expose an area or garage where you can store Full Tilt. You can also incorporate Full Tilt into the city mode – there’s a station between the two white towers were he can lock in and fold up. The main green translucent area can also act as a ramp for Full Tilt to speed off to assist his fellow transformers.

With just a few steps Trypticon can convert from his base mode into a spaceship. It’s a huge and fantastic spaceship; it’s very detailed and articulated compared to other toys. The front flips up, his legs fold in and the towers come down and he’s ready for battle. You’ll see there are a lot of Titan Master holes in the frame where these figures can be placed. The ship is loaded with cannons on top that can extend out and lots of weapons in front. It has wheels so kids can move him around on any surface.

Moving to the T-Rex mode, in about 15 steps or so, you can convert from the spaceship mode to the most dangerous dinosaurs in the world. He has a lot of bulk and mass compared to other Transformer toys. He’s one massive boy, measuring 18 inches tall. He’s bad, he’s bold, he’ll break bones and he’ll bowl you over without a second thought. Here’s a look at some of his features.

His face and head have a lot of molded detail, his head swivels side to side, he can look up and down and he mouth opens up easily. His mouth is loaded with dual cannons, so watch your back. Interestingly, he also has Titan Master holes in his mouth, so you can snap in a few characters. Cool huh! At the back of his head, there is a Titan Master port. Plug Necro into this port and the translucent orange will pop up and expose a little forehead gun. The orange piece looks like a horn – thought that was cool. You’ll need to remove Necro to cover the guns again.

His shoulders rotate 360 and they hinge in and out. His arms also bend at the elbow, his wrists move up and down and his fingers articulate individually as well. The hips move forward and back and hinge out, so you can get fairly wide poses with T-Rex. The knees bend, the ankles move out and the toes flex. His tail also hinges out for a more dramatic look. The coolest feature of this toy is that he can eat Titan Masters – that’s right, he can gobble you up. Open up his mouth and toss in his favorite edibles. Open up the chest panel to get them out again.

The Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon Action Figure is one impressive toy. It will keep you in the zone for hours as you create and manipulate Trypticon into the various modes. We love it. What an awesome gift this would make for Transformers fans!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.